Apple unveils iOS 14.7 with Support for MagSafe Battery Pack

Company also updates iPadOS 14.7 and watch 7.6

Apple releases a new update iOS 14.7, this updation for the iPhones with bug fixes and also new features like support for MagSafe Battery Pack, timers on HomePod, update for Apple Music App and more.

The most thrilling feature of this update is that it adds support for a new hardware Mag Safe battery pack that will be coming to stores soon. IOS 14.7 is available for iPados 14.7 and the new watch for Apple Watch is OS 7.6.

However, this will not be a major update like iOS 14.5. The update brings a homePod timer that allows you to control the timers from the home app. In addition, Apple added a new Apple Card feature announced in April; Two Apple Card family users can merge their accounts to combine credit limits with lower interest rates.

New features for iOS 14.7 iPhones.

  • It supports MagSafe battery pack for iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • HomePod timer for controlling timers from the home app.
  • The Apple Card Family gets the option to integrate the credit limit.
  • In Apple Music, the Share playlist menu option is missing
  • In Weather and Maps for Canada, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, and Spain, the Air quality information is available.
  • Podcasts library gets the option to choose to see only followed shows or all shows.
  • The battery Service message is restored; it was disappeared after a reboot on some iPhone 11.
  • A bug caused by Braille displays to show invalid information while composing mail messages has been fixed.


Earlier, there were reports that the iOS 14.7 update would fix the Wi-Fi bug, which could be seen disabling the phone’s Wi-Fi issues with a few hotspot names.Apple has released WatchOS 7.6 it provides ECG application, random heart rhythm notifications and TVOS 14.7.

Apple’s security update page says that the latest version of the iPod is still 14.6, so iPod users will have to wait a while to get the latest update to their devices

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