Best Apps To Offer Information About COVID-19

Best Apps To Offer Information About COVID-19

Coronavirus alias COVID-19 has become the most dangerous name in the world and the entire globe is suffering from this disease, the worst thing of this particular virus is it spreads from human to human and it also spread at a very fast rate. It affects the entire human lives of the planet, and the irony is there’s no treatment for the COVID-19. Only personal hygiene is what we can do to resist the same.

Having said that, WHO and all the government authorities have taken all the important measures to control the virus and also directed the people to avoid a public gathering and other things such as washing hands with soap, wearing a mask, etc, which will defeat the COVID-19. However, there are many misleading information circulating which creates a massive problem between the people.

Well, there are also many applications that will keep you informed about the disease and also the steps to prevent it. In this article, I will list all the applications which will help you to get information about the virus and also to defeat it with all the possible ways. So, without wasting time let’s dive into the article to check out all the best applications.

Best apps to tackle COVID-19


Dark Mode Finally Arrives On WhatsApp

WhatsApp, which is the world’s most favourite instant messaging application and the same is also active on the most mobile of this planet. That’s why the World Health Organisation has implemented its bot on the platform and that will provide information about the COVID-19 and the Indian government has also started its service to educate and also to provider measures to defeat the disease completely. We have already done the dedicated articles about the same which you guys can able to read by clicking on the appropriate links – WHO bot and MyGov Corona Helpdesk.

First Aid – Americal Red Cross

Best Apps To Offer Information About COVID-19

This application is one of the best apps for the medical field and it provides information in innovative ways like videos, interactive quizzes, and simple step by step advice. The application now has a special section for the COVID-19 and that accommodates articles to tackle the disease and also the preventive methods along with a list of emergency numbers and the maps of the hospitals.


Best Apps To Offer Information About COVID-19

This is a news application and offers important news in very short words to be precise 60 words on less, which means this application is perfect for those who don’t have much time to read articles. It will provide the important stuff of all the important topics and the same covers trending topics from across the globe and it also has the health section which will provide details regarding the COVID-19.

Google’s Coronavirus Website

Now Your Android Device Is 2FA Security Key

It will provide information about the disease and also educate the visitors along with providing details to prevent as well as the local resources, the website will offer state-based information, safety, and prevention, along with search trends of the COVID-19. We have done a dedicated article about the same which you can read by heading over the link.


Twitter Testing Search Bar For Direct Messages

Well, I don’t believe that there is a need to explain about the microblogging website Twitter and the same is very popular along with lots of active users across the globe and has many popular organizations including WHO and more is utilizing Twitter to provide information to the public.


Best Apps To Offer Information About COVID-19

It is a very popular application and if you live in India then you will find it very handy, as it provides news from across the globe and also the local news. With this application, you can be updated with your local communities and also check out more than 2600 media.

So, these are the best applications to keep updated about the COVID-19 and we request you to share this with your near and dear ones to help them to updated as well. Having said that, we also request you to stay at home and also keep yourself healthy.

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