Best Laptop 2021: Our Pick Of The 5 Best Laptops You Can Buy This Year

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There are many laptops in 2021 that you can buy without fear of lousy quality and performance. However, we pick some top-rated laptops that you can use for gaming, business works and video editing.


HP Envy X360 


This top-rated laptop is perfect under the budget laptop, which will not break your bank. It has a substantial and durable construction which has a convertibility option. The performance of this laptop is quite impressive. You will get a full screen-to-body ratio display which provides enough clarity for gaming and video editing. It has a powerful and remarkable processor of AMD Ryzen 4000 series. On the other hand, they offered integrated Radeon graphics which delivers impressive gaming performance.


MacBook Pro 13


Here we come with a product for apple lovers. This pro series has a little bit different and attractive design than the Air series. The best thing that we love about this pro edition is that it has a fan system that can sustain heavy workloads and video editing projects. The overall performance and sleek display are excellent. You can consider this apple beauty for business purposes or video editing. The price of this apple series is high as we all know apple products are expensive and valuable.


Dell XPS 12 2-in-1


Here we come with something which will surely grab your attention. This convertible beauty of dell is precisely the same thing you demand. It has 8 GB of ram which stands perfect for gaming and video editing. On the other hand, the storage capacity of 256 GB is excellent. There are many updations that you can do, such as windows ten pro. You can unlock your convertible beauty by saying hello windows in the webcam. Isn’t it interesting? This 10th generation laptop stands perfect to be used for 4K video editing. The improved version of this laptop beat many other latest generations in the competition.




This laptop is designed explicitly for gaming purposes. Its astonishing power is quite impressive. Moreover, the price is a positive factor in it. This ASUS laptop uses an Nvidia GTX 2080 high-grade graphic card for high-end games and even video editing. You can multitask different programs on it for more than 8 hours. The battery timing is quite reasonable for gaming and streaming videos. On the other hand, this product’s overall weight is just 3.5 pounds, which is exceptionally lightweight. Its keyboard and touchpad are super easy to operate, and the sleek-modern design deserves to be appreciated.


Lenovo Chromebook Duet


Lenovo Chromebook is also a convertible laptop that you can buy for kids and game lovers. It only weighs 2.3 pounds which is lightweight, and you can carry it wherever you want. The battery timing of this laptop is excellent. You can experience 11 hours of battery timing without compromising on the performance. This much amount of battery timing is enough to stream videos and play games. The price of this beauty is another positive factor that you can consider. You will get many essential external ports such as USB Type-C port and headphone jacks.


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