Best Online PDF Editor Review – CocoDoc

Best Online PDF Editor Review - CocoDoc

Most businesses require a pdf editor to manage operations. Various online platforms help in reading and editing PDF files. Today, we will review CocoDoc tool that is considered one of the best online PDF editors. In this review, we will discuss all the features, Pros, and Cons of this online tool.

We will also discuss how you can use this application to make your work easier. So, let’s start and discuss more about this application.

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CocoDoc is an online platform that offers PDF editing services to its users. The application is famous because of the convenience it offers. You can sign, share, or download any PDF by using its services. Additionally, it has some templates that help you create any form or document you want.

We found this tool interesting because it lets you create, edit, sign, compress, resize, convert any PDF file within a few seconds. Interestingly, it has a feature for all your PDF-related requirements. You can check out its features tab to learn more about the solution. 

CocoDoc’s website is used by millions of users on regular basis. Thus, it looks like a promising tool to edit PDFs online. However, let’s have a look at its features to understand it thoroughly.

Features of CocoDoc

Edit PDF: It lets you edit any PDF without converting it to other formats. It is one of the most popular features of this platform. You can add a text box, checkmark, new pages, or any other notes in any PDF with this feature.

Create Forms: Another exciting feature of this app lets you create various forms without even using a word processor. That way, it is much easier to manage all the documents on the go. We recommend checking out its website to learn more about this feature.

Sign and Convert PDF: It works with the eSign technology that lets its users sign any document online. Additionally, there are dozens of options to convert a PDF in different formats like PPT, DOC, PNG, and much more. 

Easy to Use Templates: It has a separate column where users can create new PDFs. These templates are used to create forms, legal documents, and E-books by different users. The best thing is that all these templates are free and anyone can use them easily.

Powerful Integrations: It offers multiple integrations to improve the user experience of the tool. You do not need to be on its website to use its service. All you need to do is download its extension and edit any file without even uploading it to the website.

Cloud Storage: CocoDoc offers Cloud storage services for its users. That way, users can sign and keep any PDF on the cloud storage to have a backup of their data.

What Did We Like About This Tool?

After checking out its features, we were surprised by the results. It did an excellent job of providing all the options that we wanted. There were enough PDF converters to get it in the desired file format.

The most exciting feature was eSign that lets you sign any PDF document online. There is a similar feature called freestyle writing that lets you draw anything on PDF pages directly with the pen or touch screen. These two features made it one of our favorite tools to edit documents.

You can find many other features that have similar benefits to other applications.

What We Dislike About This Tool?

There’s not much to dislike about this platform. However, we were expecting a mobile application of this tool as well. It could have helped the users who need this service more often. Although most people are happy with web-based solutions, there are still some people who prefer applications over web applications.

That is the only limitation of this tool that we came across.

Final Verdict

We can say that CocoDoc is one of the most reliable solutions to edit a PDF online. If you are looking for a solution to make changes to a PDF file, you can end your search here. It is one of the best online PDF Editor that you can have,

The features are quite advanced and provide convenient ways to play with your files. Finally, some file converters will come in handy more often than you think.

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