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Best Tools for Creating Logo for Your Brand Online

You do not always require a fantastic and vivid logo to capture audience’s attention. A simple yet attractive logo is enough to make you memorable among the target audience. With the passage of time, customers have started preferring simplicity to the robust and remarkable logo designs. Moreover, you don’t require to hire a professional graphic designer to build a logo for your business. Instead, you can use a fathomable logo design too to create a great logo for your business.

We have gathered the best tools to build a logo design for your business. Also, you can learn about perfect design concepts for webpages to create pages that are compelling and engaging. You can download any of the following tools to get started. Read along to discover everything:

Logo Type Maker

Logo Type Maker offers handy tools to build a logo for your brand. The resulting image might be in low resolution with fewer customization features. However, the software can be utilized to create impactful logo design for different businesses.


The lower resolution files can be downloaded free through Designimo, where higher-resolution variants require subscription. The process is simple, requiring you to enter basic details such as business name etc. In addition, you can explore the samples through entering keywords and select an image that is befitting for your business. In addition, the software offers basic level editing prior to downloading.

Logo Garden

Logo Garden is another great tool to create decent logo designs. However, the tool requires subscription to download the finalized logo design. The tool offers vast options for font, color, and image, providing you with more tools to create a great logo design. Once you are done with creating a logo design, you can download it on your computer after paying a fee. Moreover, many logo design service in Australia utilize Logo Garden for creating professional logo designs.

Design Mantic

If you require a website that assists you in building a logo design by taking you through hassle-free designing steps. The Design Mantic is a simple tool for diverse logo designing services. You can select from the three categories, font options, and pick a color that fits well with your brand. Afterward, you can enter business details, select an industry, and the website will create different logo designs for you.

The moment you create a design, you can perform a search through entering different keywords and see the variations from those that are being displayed. There, you can keep it the way it is or tailor it as per specific requirements prior to saving. The tool requires paid plan to purchase a logo, however, the designing tools are free to use.


The freemium version of the Logomakr enables you to select from various stock icons and utilize them in about hundreds of the fonts. The tool offers various adjustable colors. The chosen objects can be further resized and adjusted to achieve a remarkable custom logo designing experience. The moment you are done with creating a logo design, you can save the finalized version free. The premium services are available to users who desire professional support to design a great logo.

Free Logo Design

You can select Free Logo Design to create a fantastic logo design. The free options are also offered, allowing you to build a logo design through using a broad range of fonts, shapes, and color palettes. You can also select from the available templates to go along with the designing process hassle-freely. However, the freemium version does not offer high-resolution, but allows creating a logo of a size that can be utilized for multiple purposes. The high-resolution download requires paid plan. With the help of their online tool you can create logos for funny t-shirts, Games, Artists, Cartoon and much more.

Graphic Springs

Graphic Springs offers free logo creation service. The tool can allows accessing features that are not offered by a majority of free logo creation services such as visual effects. You need to purchase files before they become available to download. In case, you do not want to apply changes to a logo design after paying, then it is done requiring no additional charges.

Logo Maker

One more site offering trial before buy is the Logo Maker. You can build a logo design free and make a purchase when the design becomes pitched perfect. The website claims to offer 10,000 icons along with unique features compared to the competitors.

Cool Text

Cool Text serves as a handy tool to generate appealing features that can be utilized in a logo design. It can develop a text-based logo design utilized various fonts without any illustrations. The service is free to use, offering limited features. You can make selections carefully so that a design does not appears exaggerated.


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