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Best Ways to Stay Away from Social Media Addiction

So, you are one of those users who remain glued to his device all the time?

Well, the cure is here!

In this article, we have discussed few simple yet effective ways to stay away from social media addiction. Before we discuss that, let’s what is the actual problem?

Social Media Addiction as an Epidemic

Yes, we are telling truth. Social media addiction is spreading like an epidemic where people are badly affected by its negative symptoms. No matter, you are a young kid, working professional or living retire life, social media addiction hasn’t left anyone spared of its charm.

People spend more time on their devices these days than ever before. And all this is affecting social, personal life and health of a user.

Best Ways to Deal with Social Media Addiction

Turn Off Notifications

The first quick step is to turn off notifications for all unnecessary apps on your device. As you mostly get distracted due to untimely notifications all the time, it’s better you should turn off notifications for all unimportant apps. This way you will be able to reduce distraction and focus on important things in life. To turn off notifications for these apps, simply visit your device settings.

Social Fever – Social Media Usage Tracker Apps

The next best solution to stop social media addiction is to use best social media usage tracker apps which is “Social Fever”. These smart tools work on advanced algorithms to help you track and manage social media usage effectively. It helps you decide what is the optimum usage to use these apps.

You can use these smart tools to set usage timer, block apps, water reminder, set hobbies, and for lot more things. Once you install these apps on your device, it helps you monitor complete usage on your device and helps you stop and manage unnecessary usage to save time.

One such tool is Social Fever that offers advanced solution to fight with social media addiction. This state-of-the-art solution helps you keep tab on social media usage and your overall apps usage on Android. It helps you set time tracker to monitor individual app usage to avoid spending lot of time on unnecessary activities.

In different features, it helps you set interest & goals, help you track app usage, check history, protect ear & eye health, sends alerts, send water alerts, and more. Download app from below link

Phone Usage Tracker

Turn Off Mobile Data

This may sound harsh measure, but it will give you freedom from untimely notifications, annoying messages, updates, and more. In short, it will give you peace of mind. It also helps you save battery juice as most of your battery is drained due to these unnecessary apps that remain connected to the Internet all the time.

Alternatively, you can set the time in a day to check updates & notifications on regular intervals by turning on data. This way you will stay updated with all necessary updates and you will also save lot of time that could have wasted due to unnecessary app notifications.

Acquire New Hobby

If you are affected by FOMO or Fear of Missing Out important updates on social media, then you should consider acquiring new hobbies on serious note. You need to explore new places, new things in life. You can learn new languages or simply guitar to avoid social media addiction. You should consider screen time tracker to save time for more important things in life.

Connect with Real People

Today when most of the time we live in virtual life, it becomes important to stay connected with real people in real life. We should stop communicating and send greetings to people on social media apps, instead, we should go and greet people in person.

We should take part in community gatherings, local events, play together, and do more things to reduce social media addiction. You should also try to meet relatives and friends very often instead of communicating with them online.

Ask for Professional Help

If you think the consequences of social media addiction are affecting your life negatively, don’t shy to meet professionals, doctors to help you deal with it. Today, you can find various therapies that help you reduce social media addiction and give you chance to improve your health, social & personal life. They also help you explore new you by suggesting you some amazing life changing tips.


So, these are few quick yet effective tips you can follow to stay away from social media addiction. Do try them and share your experience how you dealt with social media addiction. You can also share if you have tried something new and that had worked for you. If you know people who are struggling with social media addiction, do share this article with them to help them overcome this problem.

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