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Ways to Boost Your Computer’s Performance to improve Productivity

improve computer performance

Gazillion things can affect your productivity. For example, the noise around you or your Internet service fails to deliver the best. For me, the latter never had an impact on my productivity since I have subscribed to Spectrum Gold Package. However, my computer’s performance often posed issues. I knew I had to become proficient in using the PC or else my productivity would suffer. Here are hacks that I mastered which could be of great help to you as well.

Touch Typing

Learning the art of touch typing will help you a great deal. Trust me when I say that. In case, you don’t know what that is, touch typing refers to your index fingers staying on the keys F and J of the keyboard. While your thumb helps you in operating the space bar. Other fingers of yours are always adjacent to a letter on the keyboard. If you learn and practice this, you will never have to look at the keyboard while typing.

Individuals who do not use the touch typing technique, use hunt and peck. Most of us use this technique. The disadvantage of using it is not just slow typing speed but also concentration issues. As you cannot pay attention to your monitor as you always have to look for the right keys on your keypad.

Initially, you will find touch typing slower than the hunt and peck way of typing. However, when you learn it and keep practicing it, you will never use the hunt and peck method again. Give it a shot. Start today and you will see the results in a few weeks.

The mouse is Not a Friend

If you rely on the mouse for PC and the laptop, you will see that your speed of work will suffer as a result. Well, you might not have noticed this before. As no one would have introduced you to the method of using shortcuts via the keyboard for actions. You will find it hard in the beginning but trust me when I say that there is no better way to increase your speed than to use the shortcut keys.

When you learn these shortcuts, you will see that you won’t need a mouse in most of the actions you perform. Your keyboard will be sufficient to perform every action. It will take you sometime before you become acquainted and eventually comfortable with using the shortcuts. But all the effort that you put in will be worth it. Altering between a mouse and a keyboard wastes time.

Here are some of the actions for which you will find yourself using the shortcuts frequently:

  • Text editing
  • Activating menus

Upgrade the Computer

No point in getting yourself all frustrated when your computer or laptop takes ages to open a program. Hitting random keys won’t make the process any faster. When your laptop starts taking time to boot up or open the program that you click on, know that it is time for you to upgrade your computer.

Some of the examples of upgrading include:

  • Upgrading the operating system
  • Adding more memory to the system
  • Installing a new hard drive

Use the Number Pad

You might think that this is the most obvious tip and who on Earth doesn’t use a number pad? Well, the answer is many. Do not rely on the number of keys that you find on the top of your keyboard. It slows down things.

Speed Up the Menus

If you think that you are the only one who experiences a delay in programs showing on the screen, you are wrong. Microsoft introduced a built-in delay. For example, when you click on the Windows icon, you experience a delay before the programs show. After that, you experience a further delay when you click on a program let’s say Microsoft Excel.

Although the delay is of a few seconds that makes the whole menu quite slow. Doesn’t it. And the irritation that comes with it is unbearable at times. However, you do not have to deal with this delay. Some ways can allow you to make this delay ‘zero’ manually. You will have to do some online research for that, though.

Clean the Desktop

The cluttered desktop will not find it hard for you to look for the required files but will also affect the speed of your system. Better to take help with a software help of Recuva pro for best desktop optimization. Therefore, if you are amongst those people who have all their files resting on the desktop, please ensure that you clean your desktop. You will observe an instant increase in your system’s speed after you do so.

Other than that, you should also perform the regular maintenance check of your laptop. It helps to improve your system’s performance as well.

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Written by Alex Brian

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