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Some Prerequisites of Buying Mobile Phone Smartly

It’s a one fine morning and you plan to get a smartphone or switch to a new one but you are unable to decide which one to buy as there is a huge number of options present out there in the market. No worries, we are here to provide the answers to all your questions that might hit your mind before you actually step out of the home to get your hands on one. After all our research and experience we bring you a few tips that would help you buy a mobile phone, the best one for you and you won’t regret it later.

iOS or Android?

ios or androidIf you were already an iOS user then switching to Android may hurt your self-respect. Because you know “iPhone to iPhone hai” and in addition to that if your pocket allows you then of course iOS would be a great option if you want to have amazing displays and apps. On the other hand, Android is what you need if you are looking for ease of use, ease of connectivity and ease of downloads. Furthermore, Android also allows you unlimited free downloads and in-app purchases. So go for the one that is feasible for you.

Keep an eye on your budget

Look for something that is not too heavy on your pocket and does not charge you an arm or leg to purchase it. Make sure that there is enough cash lying in your bank account and then choose the one that does not burden your pockets. In simple words the one that is budget friendly. You will find so many options that are latest as well pocket-friendly. We all know that iPhones are way more expensive than their counterparts that are Android ones. So it’s not necessary to get an iPhone X or even a Samsung Note 9 just to impress your squad. There are many other low range options to choose from.

Choose the right size for you

You all must have seen that there is an unusual trend of exclusively larger screens. But then again larger screens are often expensive and obviously may not be handy for you to carry around. So it is better to choose a smartphone that fits perfectly in your hands and does not gets oversized. If you are looking for an Android phone then you have a variety of phones in different range from different brands. Besides this iPhones also come in both the sizes. Subsequently, if you have smaller hands then buy a smaller screen. In contrast to that if you watch a lot of videos and you are a gamer then go for the larger screens for enhanced display.

Camera megapixels and features

We are living in a world where all around us everyone is just snapping and Instagramming. Be it their fancy meals, salon visits, long drives, hangouts, a lazy morning in bed and the list goes on and on. It’s all about clicking and posting (most of the times). If you are also one of them then you must have an outstanding camera that captures amazingly even if it’s bad picture day and for this, before buying a smartphone to check out the phones with the best camera and built-in camera features. Though the actual picture quality varies between brands and models.

Check out the storage

The storage of the phone is also one of the factors that influence your decision for a particular smartphone. The RAM (Random Access Memory) often decides the price of the phone like for instance as you go for higher memory options the price of the phone increases. The price of a 64 GB variant is lower than a 256 GB one. But most of the Android phones have a dedicated SD card slot that allows you to upgrade internal storage up to 256 GB and enjoy more games, apps, and music.

Have a look at the battery life

Smartphone batteries are improving day by day with compact batteries and longer battery life. Nevertheless, the battery depends after all on the consumption so there is no standardized battery life. Furthermore, most new Android phones and the iPhones do not have removable batteries. Moreover, the latest Android phones claim to support fast charging. This new feature has actually won the hearts of Android users.

Hopefully, we shared enough basic details with you that will make it easier for you to decide which smartphone to buy. It was not meant to be a comparison between Android and iOS, but to share with you some essentials for buying a smartphone. With reference to this visit goto mobile phones to explore a variety of smartphones as per your preferences that too at comparatively lower prices than the market. So what are you waiting for?

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