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Cortana is no longer a competitor with Google assistant or Amazon Alexa

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has revealed that Microsoft’s Virtual assistant will no longer be a valid- Direct competitor to Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa!

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It’s 2014 when Microsoft came up with a virtual assistant for Windows phone or computing devices, right from start, Cortana struggled to keep its work up to par.  Many virtual assistants with True AI capabilities emerged and we omitted the windows offering. Now in 2019,  CEO Satya Nadella has announced in a Journalist meetup that Cortana will no longer fight with Mass leaders in Domestic Virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.
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Microsoft will work on making the assistant as an app or a skill to perform operations within other available Digital Assistants. Microsoft has already tie-up with Amazon to offer its assistant as a skill on Alexa! Cortana will be available to all Microsoft Office 365 subscribers as a skill to perform various operations. Cortana is yet to meet Google assistant and market situations indicates that it would happen soon in time!

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