Follow These Steps To Ensure Cyber Security For Your Business

Cybercriminals are developing increasingly sophisticated methods of infiltrating your devices and obtaining your confidential data. Cyber Security might be through sophisticated new malware or malicious emails that appear to be genuine. As a business owner, you might be thinking, what can you do to prevent your network from being infiltrated and ensure that your sensitive business data remains hidden from prying eyes? Here are some steps for you to follow to ensure maximum cybersecurity for your business.


Use browser isolation technology

There is numerous cyber security software on the market, each designed to provide protection against a certain malware or security breach. However, all these running at the same time can slow down your processes, impacting your business’s efficiency. How can you ensure that your network remains thoroughly protected without compromising on efficiency? The technology sold by browser isolation vendors works on the basis of zero trust, meaning that all incoming data is treated as a potential threat rather than identifying and separating attacker behavior. Incoming code is isolated on a remote virtual browser away from your network, and harmless code is then fed back to your endpoint. In this way, threats are stopped at the door without compromising your productivity.


Use a VPN when working remotely

With many employees now working remotely away from the office, there may be a chance that they are using an unsecured wi-fi network to do their work. Make it a requirement to use a VPN when working remotely to provide browser privacy and ensure Cyber Security to your sensitive data remains invisible to prying eyes.


Develop a cybersecurity policy

Cybersecurity can mean different things for different people. For some, it might simply mean using passwords to lock screens and access certain documents, whereas others with a more in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity might be more vigilant and use additional security measures such as encrypting data. Developing a cybersecurity policy for your business provides staff with a set of protocols to follow, ensuring that cybersecurity standards are consistent across your business. A rigorous cybersecurity policy will also demonstrate to clients that their data will be well-protected when in your hands. This could cover points such as requirements for a strong password and the regularity with which they are changed, and steps to take when confronted with a potentially fraudulent email.


Develop a password policy

An important section of your cyber security policy will be implementing specific requirements for a strong password. This is the first line of defense in preventing unauthorized users from accessing confidential data; however, many people become lazy with their passwords, using the same one for multiple devices. If a hacker obtains one password, they could gain access to a large amount of confidential data, so it is important that strong passwords are used across your business. Specify the requirements for a strong password: number of characters, upper-and lower-case letters, numbers, and special characters. Also, place a time limit on passwords, requiring staff to change their passwords every three months or so.


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