Digitization and Automation in Residential Accommodations

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Smartphones are becoming increasingly essential for our daily needs. While people may argue about the ramifications of this, with them, the world becomes an oyster in your hands. The device you are probably reading this on has potential uses far beyond the intended purposes and tech integration has made processes very fast and convenient. Stanza Living, a pioneer in the field of managed accommodations, has taken another initiative to digitize and automate the entire hostel living experience. A significant step for a largely offline business like real estate, it has led to several interesting developments which prove that tech integration has many applications that can be extremely beneficial for a variety of industries. Some of the technological measures employed by Stanza Living have built an innovative tech-enabled living experience.

Digitization of Processes

Stanza Living has successfully digitized the entire searching, booking, and onboarding process when people seek to find new accommodation, without making it too complicated. A friendly user interface and easy access without compromising on security helped is the bedrock of this experience. Virtual tours and interactive online engagements make it easy to browse residences and book your space. Payments through digital gateways have eliminated the need for handling money, turning the whole operation into a press-of-the-button function. Online rent agreements, e-KYC, bank documentation, digital verification, etc means that you can move in, as soon as you book without running around from pillar to post to sort your documentation. The Covid pandemic was an eye-opener in a lot of ways. Apart from emphasizing the importance of hygiene, it taught us that digitization and remote access are the need of the hour. And these integrations pre-empt this need.

Smart Security

Security is nothing to be scoffed at and with people, there is always a margin for human error. The digitization of security systems including CCTV surveillance, biometric gates, and automated doors eliminates the chances of error and creates a safe and secure living space for the residents. Constant power backup ensures that security is always online. This system can also be continuously monitored from afar, making the whole process very transparent.

Resident App

Perhaps the most significant accomplishment in consumer experience is the creation of the Stanza resident app that allows residents/users to access everything with a tap. The app allows you to make payments, register grievances, ask queries, browse menus, interact with fellow residents, and stay in touch with the staff in case of any emergency. No more complaint registers and endless requests which get lost in its pages. You now get a real-time update on grievance resolution. Similarly, you don’t have to adjust to the same old daily menu or compromise on food quality. Stanza Living offers a highly predictive online menu that captures consumer feedback, chef-designed meals, and cloud kitchens that are updated with real-time information to help put together meals and menus as per consumer needs. And in case you want a taste of the local cuisine, the app also offers some cool discounts and deals on nearby restaurants.

Seamless Financial Integrations

While the app receives constant updates, a major function is smooth financial transactions. The built-in app can be linked to your bank account or online getaways. With the app, you can choose your rooms, and complete the documentation process, including signing the agreement and filling in the KYC details. The User Interface is also quite friendly and predictive, making the navigation process very convenient. A new, self-booking feature also allows you to book a room, modify value-added services, and change or upload commercial and personal details.

The tech-integration is not limited to the app. High-speed internet-enabled premises ensure a seamless living experience, powering everything from biometric security, 24/7 CCTV surveillance to your smart gadgets.

Everything, from booking a room to the living experience itself has been digitized to create an all-inclusive space with optimum tech-integration and innovative first-in-class concepts. The process requires constant updates and upkeep but the effort is worth the result. If you want a living space that suits your tech-savvy lifestyle, Stanza Living might suit your purpose.

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