Do not Let Your Smartphone Overheat in Summer!


Overheating of smartphones is an issue that has been reported from all around the world. The phone stops working properly if it is exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Here are some basic but easy tips that can help you to keep your iPhone or Android cool this summer.

  1. You should avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight for long periods.
  2. Set your display’s brightness to auto so it can reduce battery strain.
  3. Identify which apps are power-hungry and then close them.
  4. Take your phone out of its protective case because it gets heated in summers.

Here are some basic but easy to overlook tips for the safety of your iPhone or Android and for keeping them cool this summer.

Avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight

the heat is going to be up if your smartphone sits in the sun for long. Your smartphone is just as susceptible to sunbeams as you are. People like to go to the beaches in summer and while you might be searching for the sunniest spot on the beach to soak up some rays, your phone would like the opposite of that. It is hoping to stay in the shade.

Not only sunny beaches but hot unventilated cars are also a problem area for smartphones. You might have observed that when you leave your phone in the car, in summers and come back, it is very hot. This is because of the direct exposure of it to the sunlight. That is why it is advised to keep your phone away from the dashboard, seat, or armrest of your car even if you are going away from it for a short amount of time.

Reduce battery strain

Your phone’s battery will work less if the display’s brightness is lowered, and a battery works for long and stays cool if the brightness is lowered. A lot of stress comes on the battery, so if your goal is to avoid the overheating of your smartphone’s battery, the first thing you should do is set its brightness yourself, so you can adjust it in different bright and dark situations.

Some people think that setting the phone’s brightness to automatic will not consume much battery but it’s a myth. As when it is set to auto it keeps boosting to high brightness. It might seem like a good way but it isn’t. So you should adjust the brightness yourself to avoid the strain.

Close the power-hungry apps

There is a tool that not many people know of, that is found in the menus of iPhones and contemporary Android phones. You should familiarize yourself with it if you haven’t already: it is known as the battery use tool. It is basically for the user’s ease and sees which app is taking up more battery and which is not. With the help of shutting down big, power-hungry apps, you’ll reduce your battery’s overall workload. The lesser the workload of your smartphone, the cooler the battery.

Take your phone out of the protective case

Your smartphone also needs some room to breathe. That is why it is advised that you should take it out of the case, now and then. It is known as the quickest way to cool off a blistering battery as it gives your sweaty smartphone some room to breathe. If you’re out and about in the scorching sun with your phone, you should give your phone extended breaks from its protective case.

Don’t place your phone in the fridge or freezer to cool it off

People think it is a good idea to place their phones in the fridge or freezer after it is exposed to the heat. It is not! It is actually a bad thing that one should never do. It is true that it can cool down the temperature but the moisture inside the freezer might risk your phone’s hardware. The extreme swing of temperature is also not good for your phone. So please avoid doing this.

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These are some of the important measures that can help you save the battery life of your phone and keep it away from being overheated. All of these steps are simple and one should practice them to avoid any mishaps with their devices.

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