Do Not Miss These 6 Mobile App Development Trends In 2020

Today, things have transformed in many ways with the rise of smartphone technology. From morning to late nights, our lives are ruled by this tiny yet powerful device called smartphones.

Along with smartphones, there are various other technologies that have become a necessity in the current time.

Mobile apps are considerably a huge market which is expected to rise to $581 billion in terms of revenue at the end of 2020.

Therefore, there is a rapid growth observed in the building of the app. The reason for this insane growth is the customers as well as developers who are further expanding the demand and supply of these apps.

Nevertheless, these trends have made our lives comfortable in many ways.

We have already seen a lot in the app development last year from AI technology to IoT.

Undoubtedly, you will see a clear and bigger picture of these technologies that were introduced in 2019 with enormous twists and turns.

As there is accelerating demand for smartphones across the globe, the competition is high with new opportunities directing towards the best user experience.

As mobile phones have the ability to increase the name and fame of the brand, business owners are taking maximum advantage of mobile app development.

It is difficult to tackle with ever diversifying demand of the clients, so you can take the best Mobile app development services to assure that your brand can always get the top-notch results.

The future of mobile applications will be more eminent due to the expansion of ongoing trends.

If you wish to know the different things coming your way this new year, we have a comprehensive list of the trends which are going to dominate the year 2020. Let’s see each of them!

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain is the latest technology that has made significant ways towards the development of the mobile app.

Moreover, Blockchain is a unique database where the chain of blocks is displayed on more than 1 PC. The blocks build new data that is being recorded further. When the new data is added, old blocks are saved, therefore, everyone can receive one copy of the database.

This technology also prevents creating a fake document or during the data breach. Even if somebody makes an error, it is easy to trace them.

There are diverse smart ledgers as well as online wallets that are dependent on Blockchain technology.

If you cannot make a payment through a credit card or are hesitant to make any cross-border transactions, you can always use a mobile payment app with Blockchain system.

These are some of the Blockchain trends;

  • Dealing on Cryptocurrency Exchange
  • Asset Tokenization
  • Blockchain as a Service (BaaS)
  • Anti-piracy

Internet of Things

Don’t you think the internet has changed our day-to-day pattern of living? If you also believe that the internet cannot dominate us, you must know more about the Internet of Things.

Imagine a situation where you are outside of your home and forget to lock your room. Now instead of going back home, you can simply lock the room from your location with the help of the IoT app and its lock system.

You just need an internet connection and you are good to go.

Not just your house space or office arena, you will have great control over everything with the IoT systems.

Currently, the August doorbell cam, Philips lighting system, the dash button, and the smart lock are already winning the hearts of people.

There are a number of companies who are already taking this huge leap to transfer ongoing technology to IoT app development. There are fair chances that you will see more IoT devices this year.

According to one statistic, the IoT enabled devices will grow up to 30.73 billion in the current year.

These are some of the IoT related trends. Have a look!

  • AI-enabled IoT devices
  • Automobiles and Self-driving car
  • Smart cities and homes
  • IoT in the healthcare sector

Instant Mobile Apps

These apps are relatively smaller in size presenting significant functionalities.

Also, there is no need for downloading these apps. One of the prime benefits of instant apps is app demos.

The users who wish to download the app can take the tour of its complete version and know what this app can provide you.

These apps have made easy ways to reach the target audience those who have not yet downloaded the app.

In the year 2020, it is anticipated that more instant apps will be ruling the market. Also, the custom app design services are ready to implement some cool features in instant apps.

Beacon Technology

With the help of beacon technology, the customers will get the benefits of getting notifications of their preferred products, specifications, and cost.

Furthermore, Beacons use BLE signals referred to as Bluetooth Low Energy signals. When the device of the user enters in the beacon’s zone, the app gets the signals and gives instructions and notifications to the users.

Beacon technology is currently the most competent in the field of marketing. It connects the dot between the customers and the brand. Industries such as museums, healthcare, hotels, and tourism have already initiated the beacons in their services.

Beacon is also a huge part of Android and IOS app development with the addition of Google’s Eddystone and Apple’s iBeacon.

You will see some of the Beacon oriented applications in 2020. Here are some of them;

  • Beacon mobile payment
  • Implementation of Beacon in physical gaming
  • Beacon technology in the healthcare sector
  • Beacon-enabled tourism

On-demand Apps

Our lives will become more interesting with the launch of various on-demand apps in the year 2020. The luxury which we are going to get in the future would need attention in the current time. There are countless on-demand apps that are present in the market.

Smartphones have become an important part as all human demands are easily satisfied through mobile apps. You just have to request the particular app and you will get the service in your preferred location.

There are different categories in On-demand apps such as taxi apps, grocery delivery apps, food apps, and whatnot.

Currently the Taxify and Uber are the best and popular examples of On-demand apps.

According to one research data, 86.5 million Americans are making great use of On-demand apps whereas  45 million Americans are active part of the services through On-demand apps.

All the major organizations are focusing more on On-demand apps due to rising demand. The year 2020 will be a great year for the growing trends of On-demand apps.

Future trends of On-demand apps;

  • On-demand laundry service apps
  • Salon apps
  • Babysitting apps
  • Domestic helper apps

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

In the year 2019, the majority of the apps have already moved towards Augmented & virtual reality and most of these apps were associated with the entertainment and gaming arena.

Also, various businesses in different fields are incorporating real-world experience in the mobile app. Therefore Google Play store and App Store have more AR and VR apps. Everyone knows Pokemon Go which is the best example of the AR app.

Also, brands like IKEA and Sephora have introduced augmented reality in their respective apps to attract users and increase conversion rates.

Even though VR is not yet fully developed, slowly it is going to capture the market. Apps such as Tilt Brush and Google offer a complete experience to the users. Google’s Daydream VR also supports the latest Android smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 version.


With the upcoming mobile app development trends, the application industry will see great growth in the coming years.

Also, you are likely to see immense competition between different app creators in leveraging state-of-the-art results in 2020.

Therefore, it is really crucial to focus on these trends before you start working on your next application.

We know that every new innovation in app development has its pros & cons and if you are developing the app for the first time, you have to be more careful.

As you now know the app trends of 2020, it is high time that you create an app by including all these features.

What do you think?

Written by Lara Hawkins


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