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Sony PlayStation 5 Pricing Details Announced

Sony’s latest Playstation, PS5, is all set to launch on November 12th and gamers around the world are super excited about that. Along with PS5, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is also coming up. Both the gaming consoles have huge fan bases and hype is for real.


Both PS5 and Xbox Series X are coming up with brand new design outside and brand new features from inside. If you are using the previous generation of PS5, there are alot of reasons why you should upgrade to PS5.

So, if you are planning to get a PS5, you need to upgrade your gaming monitor because there are a couple of brand new things that are coming up with PS5 and previous gaming monitors will not be able to give you complete PS5 experience. While PS4 Pro was limited to 60FPS gaming, PS5 allows you gaming at 120FPS. Here You can check brand new gaming monitors for PS5 that allows you to play games at 4K 120FPS.


What’s New on Sony Playstation 5?


Sony’s PS5 is coming up next week and this is going to be the biggest launch of 2020. Gamers around the world are all set to get their hands on PS5. If you are not sure if you need to upgrade to PS5 from PS4 Pro, well, there are a couple of new things in PS5 that are, no doubt, better than PS4 Pro.


There are 2 variants of PS5, one is PS5 and another is PS5 Digital Edition. If you own Blu-Ray discs of your favorite games, don’t go for Digital Edition as you will not be able to insert optical disk on Digital edition. Other than that, PS5 has brand new design and video output.


PS5 now supports 4K 120FPS gaming which was 60FPS in PS4 Pro. Along with that, PS5 also supports 8K resolution which is going to deliver a super crispy gaming experience. 4K and 8K resolution on PS5 will be the best gaming experience you ever had before. But what about 2K 1440p resolution on PS5?


1440p Resolution on PS5?


The 2K QHD 1440p resolution is a popular and most loved resolution among PC gamers as it allows crispy gameplay at higher refresh rate but among console gamers, it is a new resolution.

Recently Sony revealed that PS5 will come with ultra high speed HDMI 2.1 cable that is the latest version of HDMI. With HDMI 2.1, you will be able to enjoy 4K at 120FPS gaming. Along with this news, Sony also revealed that PS5 natively doesn’t support 1440p resolution.

So if you are planning to get a gaming monitor for PS5, make sure you get a Full HD or 4K gaming monitor as you will not be able to get 1440p support on PS5.


Xbox Series X has an advantage over PS5 and it does support 1440p resolution at 60hz. So if you want 1440p gaming on a console, you can consider getting an Xbox Series X. There are alot of good gaming monitors for Xbox Series X that will give you crispy QHD gaming experience on the brand new Xbox.


Higher Refresh Rate on PS5?


If you are someone who wants higher refresh rate gaming experience, PS5 is an ideal pick for you. Previously, with PS4 Pro, you can enjoy gaming at 60FPS only. There is no meaning of using 144hz or 240hz gaming monitors with PS4 Pro but with the PS5, Sony has taken care of that and now supports 120hz refresh rate.


With 120hz Refresh Rate and HDMI 2.1 cable in the box, Sony is all set to give you 120FPS gaming at 4K resolution. Although PS5 also supports 8K resolution but due to the limitation of HDMI 2.1, we can only get 60FPS on 8K resolution.


With that saying, if you want higher refresh rate gaming on PS5, you can get a 120hz, 144hz or 240hz 4K gaming monitor for your PS5 setup. Please note, you will get a maximum of 120FPS only. Even if you are using a 240hz gaming monitor with PS5, you will get only 120 frames per second. If you are on a limited budget, consider getting a 4K 120hz gaming monitor and you are good to go. PS5 will soon be in our hands and we are super excited to experience PS5.

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