Edit online video with FlexClip

Edit online video with FlexClip

Video editing is an important factor in the digital world and the same also helps the brands to showcase their products and services and also to get more reach. If you are someone who is not a professional and unaware about the editing setup then this article is meant for you as today I will suggest you a service or an online tool called FlexClip which will help you to make amazing videos in few minutes. So without making any further delay let’s dive into the article to check out the complete details of the FlexClip.

Free version restrictions

Since it is a free version, there are functional restrictions.

-Export up to 480p video.

Only one video can be inserted from the prepared online library

Up to 12 projects can be saved

The maximum length of the video is 1 minute (this may be a little tough !?)

There are several subscription plans, and those plans lift the function restrictions.

I think it’s best to try the free version first.

How to use

user registration

First, register as a user. You can register as a user with your Facebook or Google account.

Edit online video with FlexClip

When you’re done, you’ll receive an email. Press here to verify your account and log in.

Select edit mode

Select storyboard mode or timeline mode.

Edit online video with FlexClip

Storyboard mode is a method of building a video by combining materials like a picture-story show, and timeline mode is a method of inserting a video on the time axis and cutting or pasting it to make a video.

Edit it with the one you are used to. I’m used to timeline mode, so there …

Make a video by combining materials

For example, in timeline mode, edit on the screen below.

The left end is the material switching, the upper left is the material, the upper right is the preview, and the lower is the timeline.

Insert or cut each material into the timeline to create a video.

Bring the local file in the HDD or insert the prepared character/music template to complete.

Since it is edited on the browser, I think that the function is limited, but in fact, the characters can also change the character color and background color, and the voice can be recorded from the microphone, which is full-scale.

Important point

The material that can be added from your own PC is limited to 1GB per file.

Originally, the free version can only output SD-sized files for up to 1 minute, so it may be suitable for applications such as joining short videos taken with a smartphone and putting them together.

There are many templates

There are many templates that you can use for free.

Edit online video with FlexClip

When you call this template, the material will be placed on the storyboard, and you can replace it with your favourite videos, images, and text.

After replacing the template image with your own photo and text.

After that, you can also record, so if you modify it by adding narration etc., you will quickly make a good-looking promotional video.

This may be suitable for making your site appeal or making videos of your product commercials! ??


If you try various things with the free version and feel like you can use this FlexClip, you may want to subscribe. The following prices per month for an annual contract.

If you have a monthly contract, the price is as follows per month.

Edit online video with FlexClip

The annual contract is a great deal.

Recommended for people who use it like this

  • FlexClip comes with a wealth of templates, so you can easily create commercials and summary videos!

  • Also, because it is a web environment, you can edit the same project from any PC as long as you have access to the web. Recommended for those who work in various places!

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