Living in a city, in an urban area, can sometimes be complicated. Moving easily between the traffic is complicated and sometimes it does not pay to take the car out whenever we want to go somewhere. Classes, work … sometimes we spend more than the bill for the traffic. Other times we simply do not have a car or driver’s license, and we need an alternative means of transport. The bus does not always get where we want and taxis are usually expensive. We can save money and greatly improve our comfort with a scooter electric scooter or with a hoverboard.

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Scooter electric scooter, a perfect gift!

It is a type of electric scooter that has become very fashionable in recent months. New technologies now allow a scooter electric scooter to take us to class or work without fear of running out of battery on the way. They have also improved in power, being able to transport without problems to a very good speed.

This model that we recommend, for example, has a very wide base to support the feet. In addition, with a battery of 10ah, it has a range of 30 kilometers. For regular trips in the city is one of the best options we can have. This electric scooter can run at a maximum speed of 25 kilometers per hour, so we will win time every morning! It comes equipped with front light and can be easily folded.

Hoverboard: to move with style and have fun

The hoverboards are perhaps electric scooters a bit more complicated to carry, although with a few hours of practice you can master them without problems. They are an option with something less autonomy than an electric scooter, but it is also true that we gain in comfort. They usually occupy very little space and weigh a little less.

Its autonomy ranges between 10 and 20 kilometers, depending on the model, and its maximum speed does not usually exceed 20 kilometers per hour. The good thing about hoverboards is that they are “scalable”. It is quite common, especially for children and teenagers to use it, to buy kits that turn the hoverboard into a kind of karts. Perfect for those who have less balance or as a recreational option.

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Written by Lara Hawkins


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