Encrypt your USB so all your secrets remain

We all constantly use USB drives to transport our information . Its advantages are many, starting with its small size and lightness, which make it very easy to transport. However, this can also be an inconvenience because you can forget us connected to a computer, we can easily lose it or even steal it from us.

In addition, it is increasingly common for us to carry personal information that we do not want anyone to access . Therefore, we will see how to secure our USB devices (pendrives or hard drives) and protect them with a secure password.

Perhaps the easiest way to do it is using BitLocker. It consists of a security feature developed by Microsoft and usually comes installed by default with Windows. If not, we can find it in both 32-bit version and 64 on its download page.

Once installed on our computer, we will go to Control Panel and, later, to System and Security , where we will find BitLocker. There we will choose the unit that we want to encrypt (in the image it is called ‘Kingston8GB’.

We will only have to activate BitLocker and we can encrypt it using two systems : with a password or with a smart card.

Once the process is finished, we will be given the choice of where to store the backup copy of the key : in our Microsoft account, in a file or by printing it.

Then, we must choose what amount of the unit we want to encrypt , in case we do not want to encrypt the entire USB, in which case it will be done more quickly.

After this we will arrive at a new window where we will have to choose the encryption mode: the first is the most suitable for internal disks. For external units we will choose the second method, Compatible Mode. One more window will show all the options chosen before confirming for the last time , which will start the encryption that, depending on the size of the USB drive or repairing usb drive, will last more or less time.

When introducing this unit in other equipment we may see a reading error, but then it will show us a notification informing us that the unit is protected with BitLocker . If we click on this last entry a box will appear to write the password and we can access normally.

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