Facebook And Sony Cancels Game Developers Conference
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Facebook And Sony Cancels Game Developers Conference

Key Points:
  • Game Developers Conference to be held on March 16.
  • The coronavirus going to be the villain again.
  • Facebook and Sony opt-out of the event.

The coronavirus already affected and disappointed the tech world due to the outbreak of coronavirus, as the most popular as well as the prestigious MWC 2020 event is canceled and many popular brands also not wanted to attend the event because of this disease. Well, now it seems that coronaviruses going to become villain once again, like the very popular brands has announced that they will not attend the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

Shocking news coming about Game Developers Conference

Game Developers Conference (GDC) is a very popular event and this is an annual conference for video game developers to showcase their innovative ideas as well as production, this is going to happen on March 16 and it will continue till March 20, the event will be held in San Francisco. Just like the MWC event, the GDC event also very popular between the game lovers and also those who love to follow up with new and innovative ideas as well as creations.

Well, the very popular brands Sony and Facebook have announced that they will not attend the GDC conference this year and the reason behind that is the coronavirus. Both the companies have issued separate notice and the explanation for the cancellation. So, now let’s check out their explanation below.


The social networking giant Facebook is not only limited to the social network, as the company has expanded its arm to various sectors and it is also working to expand its game in business and for that, but the company also continues working on Oculus. Facebook has now announced that it will not attend the upcoming Game Developers Conference event and it will make a new announcement for the gaming business through a virtual conference.


The Japanese electronics giant Sony is also a very strong name in the gaming industry and the company was expected to announce some innovative products during the GDC event, but now the company has also announced that it will not attend the event due to the outbreak of coronavirus and they focus on the safety of its staffs.

Having said that, the organizers of the event also came forward and said that they will take all the measures as per the WHO to ensure the safety of people during the upcoming event and it is also said that the official health organizations of the San Francisco will also come for the support.

That’s all for now, let’s hope that everything will go in a good way and no more cancellations. We would like to hear your thoughts on the same in the comments section below and stay tuned with us for more information from the world of tech.

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