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Features Of A Mobile E-Commerce Application

With the continuous shift in business ventures, e-commerce apps have never been more popular or more in demand than ever before. The number of mobile users is continually increasing, and businesses find it essential to create applications which can capture the attention of more users on a global platform.

The e-commerce apps are influencing the shopping habits of the users as they provide them with the opportunity to purchase a product from the comfort of their home and the convenience of making online payments.

Today more than half of the human race using mobile phones rely on online shopping for which e-commerce apps are of utmost importance. However, not every app and online store can achieve the desired goals and success. Hence, if you are looking forward to creating an app like OLX, you must determine some of the top features and functionalities of an e-commerce app.

  1. The registration process

Most of the users do not like the long and complicated sign-up process, and some apps require a lot of information to register at the app. To be successful in business, you need to make sure that you keep your registration process simple and easy for the customers. The user can directly get to the main page without having to go through a long process of registering on the app. Other than that, it should save the information of the users for future references.

  1. Robust customer experience

Every mobile e-commerce app should be able to provide outstanding user-experience to the customers. It can help in promoting and marketing your business. For example, in case of an e-commerce app, easy navigation along with a user-experience can influence the user to come back to the platform. To make your app interactive for the users, you need to make sure that you research their needs and customise features according to their preferences.

  1. The loading speed

With developing technology, every aspect of life has been sped up. What it has to do with e-commerce application? Well, a slow loading app can result in uninstallation of the app making a difference in the growth of your e-commerce business. Make sure that your app content is optimised to meet tit the standard of the environment and do not take more than 3 seconds to appear to the user.

  1. Feedback system

The users should be able to provide feedback about your app which can help you to understand the issues in the order like bugs or give the review of how great the app works. Either way it can help you to improve your app in the near future. You need to make sure that your answer each review of the customer positively to engage them with your business.

  1. Push notification

This is one of the effective ways to attract the user and influence their purchase decisions. Push notifications can help you to promote new products or inform them about discount offers. The user can be inspired by this and call for immediate action. This feature can result in sales and boost in revenue.

  1. Advanced search options

E-commerce apps have a broad spectrum of products classified under categories. From a simple toy to cars, these apps contain every product making shopping easy for the customers.  To make navigation faster and easier, it is necessary for the developer to create an app with easy search option to find a product. This way the visitors can arrive quickly to the desired product without a hassle.

  1. A Wish list option

This is an essential feature of the e-commerce app. Every app such as Amazon, eBay or more has a wish list option enabling the users to bookmark the product they wish to purchase, this feature of the app can notify the customers about the application on the products in the wish bucket.

  1. Featured products

The trending products in the market and discount offers at the homepage can become the hallmark of success for e-commerce apps. Make your landing page more influential for the customers to influence them to make a purchase.

  1. Quick checkout

This is one of the must-have features for your e-commerce app. With the help of quick checkout, a customer can complete the order with the information already provided in the profile can make the customer complete the transaction with minimum requirement. This process can help increase the sales of the business.

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Written by Lara Hawkins


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