What Is FIFA Giveaway?


Gone are those old days when marketing people used to promote their products door to door, on roads, or in a crowded place such as school, college, etc. Now, we are living in a golden era of technology where many things are happening online. So, how can the gaming industry step behind this race?

The gaming industry is speedily evolving, and so are their marketing tools and functionality. As a result, we often come across different promotional activities followed by various gaming platforms. Nevertheless, all these tactics play a huge role in luring global players. One such program is a Giveaway method. In this piece, we are going to take a closer look at FIFA giveaways.

Giveaway – What Does It Mean?

As we know, everyone loves the thought of getting something without paying anything. The concept of giveaway revolves around this idea. It works as an excellent tool for marketers by allowing them to find new customers and share a word about their services or products.

Nowadays, companies schedule their giveaways on particular occasions, especially festive seasons. That’s because people are entirely free during this time and provide individual attention to giveaway products.

Understanding FIFA Giveaway!

Since it is a famous and easy promotional tool, most gaming platforms prefer to attract new players with the help of giveaways. Likewise, EA sports also schedule FIFA giveaways for their players. Their giveaway aim at improving the retention factor and gaming grip, thereby encouraging a custom & amusing gaming experience. Both newcomers and skilled players can participate in the giveaways.

Remember, EA sports schedule their FIFA giveaways for around 18 days. It usually starts on January 8 and ends on December 25 (Christmas day.) To participate in it, all you need to do is read their rules, provide the required information, and enter the contest. Well, FIFA giveaway comes with numerous amazing prizes.

What can you expect from giveaways?

You can expect various amazing prizes by participating in giveaways. These rewards can vary greatly. However, the most common ones are winning coins, power-ups, keys to the beta version, in-game loot, gaining individual avatars, unique accessories, and outfits, upgrades to the arsenal, etc.

After enough players join the giveaways before the end date, the program runs an automated logic to select a winner. Thus, the results are entirely fair and unbiased.

Other Ways to Enjoy Giveaways!

As said earlier, numerous gaming platforms and related service providers schedule giveaways for their customers. To boost the confidence of players, many coin sellers also schedule such giveaways more often. You can see one such fantastic giveaway here. Anyone can participate in the giveaway arranged by BuyFifaCoins and get a chance to win a decent number of FIFA coins for free.

By participating, you can get familiar with the services offered by the seller. At the same time, you can also make additional coins that you can use to improve your team further.

Should You Join Different Giveaways?

Of course, you should join multiple giveaways along with the official giveaway of EA sports. Since they are free, you don’t need to spend anything to join them. However, some websites will ask you to complete a particular task to be eligible for the giveaway. These tasks are quite easy, and anyone can fulfill them quickly.


Are you playing FIFA games for years but never heard about their giveaways? Well, this is the right time to take the first step and join the upcoming giveaway. Also, don’t just limit your luck by entering a single giveaway. Instead, focus on multiple ones and join them to increase your chances to win.

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