Finding Your Future in Online Technology Degree

What is Technology?

 When you think about the word ‘TECHNOLOGY’ what strikes your mind? Well, technology is not a neutral word and differs with respect to opinion and context. Technology is a method of applying scientific knowledge for practical purposes or applications. It can also be defined as the process that simplifies our day to day activities


Types of Technology

There are many types of technology and it can be simple or complex. Some of them are given here.


Mechanical Technology is a type of technology which deals with wheels, cams, levers, gears, belts and engine. Things that turn or allow motion are mechanical.

Technology that influences modern life is Electronic Technology which uses electronic circuits to achieve the goal and is of the complex form of existing technologies. Computers, washing machines, dryers, MP3 players, car radios, televisions or anything that runs on electricity can be categorized under electronic technology.


Industrial and Manufacturing technology deals with producing a product on a large scale or performing a large-scale function without customers being involved

In present job market, technology is the king. From a small-scale industry to multinational companies, technology plays a vital role in their development. With right online technology degree, one can start or boost their career and all of this starts at Independence University School of Technology. The programs offered at this university are career focused which prepares students who exhibit interest in software, mobile apps, network administration, information security, or web development a skilled individual.


Academic Online Technology


Cyber Security and Networking– This program deals with complex levels of computer information systems operations, administration, and management, including networking, database management, client interface, information security, and information protection. Information security specialist, Network administrator, Web developer, Computer programmer are some of the potential careers which the individuals can pursue.


Software and Mobile Application Development– It is one of the programs that deals with the innovative and exciting areas which includes computing programming, mobile app development, and human-computer interfaces, software development, application development, user-interaction design, software testing and security, and systems analysis. Software developer, Software engineer, Mobile Application Developer, and Computer Programmer are some of the potential careers.


Web Design and Development– It prepares students with the skills required in producing web applications, interactive presentations, mobile applications, and user interfaces by emphasizing both on front and back-end development. Web Designer, Web Developer, and Mobile Application Designer are some of the potential career options.


Information Systems– It is a study of theories and practices that focuses on storing, organizing, retrieving, and analyzing information in a variety of settings. One can gain a better knowledge on organizing information, analyzing user information, and designing or evaluating information systems that allow for efficient and effective user interaction. Director of Information Technology, Systems Analyst, Director of Information Systems, and Systems Architect are some of the career options available.


Online Technology degree is becoming the norm. According to a survey, Internet users aged 13-91 see fundamental benefits in using online technology. Working professionals are enrolling in online programs.  Technology is emerging and is consequently impacting business, education and many more industries. Some of the colleges that offer Online Technology Degree are listed under the platform called ‘Thecollegemonk’.


Some of the career options for a person which a Technology degree are listed below.


  • Hardware Engineer
  • Network Administrator
  • Data Architect
  • Solutions Architect
  • Computer Network Architect
  • Computer Technical Support Specialist
  • Site Reliability Engineer
  • Computer Systems Analyst


The field of technology is ever expanding and the demand for the technology professionals will continue to grow in the future. In this technology driven era, professions of this field need to be innovative, cultivate critical and analytical thinking and learn the skills according to the updated technology.


Author- Deepthi Raj

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