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Google added features avoids Abusive links on Chrome for Android & Desktop

Google has updated its Chrome for both Android and Desktop version which avoids Abusive links and improves web experience entirely.



Google has announced a set of changes for Chrome on Android as well as Desktop version which will seriously block the Abusive links and improves web experience. These Updates were results of serious study based feedback reports from users who have been redirected to potentially harmful content on the web.



The Future update from Chrome- version 64 will introduce Abusive content block mechanism which recognizes the content on its own and stops redirects which are similar to pop-up blocker. Users will also get an info badge when it blocks these types of contents. To be noted here- It is not possible for Google to completely stop this redirects as certain websites follow their unique algorithm to escape from.

Google noted in a Chromium Blog post published today that this method currently bypasses Chrome’s pop-up blocker. Thankfully this will no longer be the case as of Chrome 65,  Google also says that it will roll this improvement and also be helping out website owners by showing them the reports of Abusive Links.

The Update will roll out in future days and this is going to give a tough for malicious links which disturbs web experience and embarrass browsing moments.


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Source: Chromium Blog

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