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Google Assistant Connect Unveiled; It Will Make Easier To Bring Assistant In More Products

Along with the new abilities of Google Assistant, the Mountain View company Google has announced a new product at the CES 2019 event and that is Google Assistant Connect, which will make things easier to bring the Assistant in more products with less expense.

Everything about the Google Assistant Connect

With the new Google Assistant Connect, the Tech giant Google wants to kill the gap between their existing products and an Assistant power Smart Speaker of the new Smart Display. As with the help of this new product, manufacturers will not need to add a microphone and extra computing components to bring the Google Assistant into their product.

That said, the Assistant Connect will allow the integrated products to work according to the user’s voice commands too. As of now, there is no other information is available about the new product. Google will reveal more information about this later this year, and we have to be more to get a product with the Google Assistant Connect.

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