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Google Assistant gets lots of new features and supports new languages

Assistant which was introduced in last year, and now Google has announced some new features to Assistant at the Google I/O 2017. The first major update is now you can just type in Assistant to perform a particular task instead of using your voice. This will really handy especially we are sitting between a lot of people around us and using voice is not comfortable.



Another feature which is added will be helpful to those who travels a lot, as now there is an option of translating words and sentences that digital assistant. You have to tap the Google Lens icon, point the camera at the text and rest of the things will do by Assistant. If its translate a dish of a menu you can then continue the conversation by saying (just to demonstrate) ‘what does it look like’ and the Assistant will show you the image. Cool isn’t?


Google has also added some more features to make things easier for users, as now if you point camera on a ad of a music concert. Then Assistant will recognize the band, and it will also give option to book ticket for the show, or add to the Calendar.


And now wants to reach the Assistant in as many hands, so Google is bringing it to the iPhone and there is no doubt that it will go head to head with Apple’s own Siri. Moreover, the Google also allows any manufacturers to build Assistant into any products it’s making for example: speakers.


Another major update, now you can order food via Assistant and paying through the Android Pay. All you have to say the name of the restaurant, place an order and use your fingerprint to approve payment with the Android Pay.


Google adding new languages to the Assistant, the new languages are: German, French, Japanese, Italian, Spanish and Korean.


Stay tuned for more updates from the Google I/O 2017.


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