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Google Brings new announcements for Indonesia

Google annual event for Indonesia brings up new announcements for Indonesians to empower business, students, and female entrepreneurs.


Google annual event for Indonesia brings a number of announcements for all with considering a drastic change in all over the developing fields.The 11 new announcements are as follows:


  1. Google Station: Google station is reliable WI-Fi hotspots which are resulted as a partnership with Fiberstar and CBN to bring a wide range of Wi-Fi hotspots across Java and Bali over the next year.
  2. Youtube Go: This Youtube Go was launched this year in all other countries.This feature allows users to watch videos in two different resolutions and gives a preview of data usage for each video you watch online.
  3. Google Assistant: Google assistant will be available now in Bahasa Indonesia in the Allo App.
  4. Health Answers: Google also entered into healthcare solutions in partner with Mitra Keluarga hospitals to provide answers for health conditions across Indonesia.
  5. Search shortcuts: Google search will be provided with search shortcuts to help Indonesians navigate around the various topic, movie showtimes and lot more.
  6. Waze Updates: Waze will get new updates in new routing feature based on the last number of the license plates that will help drivers follow the policy. This also gets voice commands and navigation with street names to users.
  7. Primer: Primer is an app which teaches lessons from business and trade solutions online in Bahasa Indonesia.
  8. Gapura Digital: Gapura is an initiative to bring small business online and has more than 4,500 people signed in the first three months.
  9. Developers Trained: Google has trained 25,000 app developers through an online course and Android Kejar workshops in six cities along with students from various universities.
  10. Womenwill: This initiative is made to empower women entrepreneurs and it has already more than 7,000 women entrepreneurs across five cities.
  11. ICT watch support from Org: This is an initiative run by ICT watch to train 35,000 students, teachers and parents on online safety and digital is supporting schools online.


The search giant is always finding a way to empower each and every citizen in all fields. Google’s support to the individual country is massive in terms of extreme impact on its social and economic programs.


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