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Google Chrome could soon warn you about the heavy web pages

We’ve lately been seeing faster websites these days, thanks to the initiatives like AMP and progressive web apps.

A new heavy page capping feature has surfaced in Chrome Canary, according to XDA developers. This new feature will allow users to set a maximum size for a webpage. For eg. If a web page exceeds the size set according to you, say 1MB you’ll receive a warning at the top of the screen along with the option to pause loading. This feature however requires web pages to support the “pause sub-resource request”.

To try out this feature, you’ll need to download GOOGLE CHROME CANARY then type chrome://flags/#enable-heavy-page-capping into the address bar. This will take you to the relevant setting, letting you choose from the default, enabled, enabled(low) and disabled .Opt for the low option and the page threshold will be set at 1MB. Pausing the pages from loading by “default” instead of giving a warning would be a better choice in our point of view and we hope Google will come up with an update soon.

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