Google Launches New Search Engine

Google Launches New Search Engine

The search engine giant Google offers a plenty of options to the users to search and today the company launches a new search engine and that is dubbed as Dataset Search. Well, the new search engine is meant for the scientific community and that will help them make sense of millions of datasets which are present online.

That said, with the new search engine, the scientists, data journalists, and geeks will able to search and find the data which are required for their project. And it will work just like Google Scholar, Google’s own popular search engine for academic studies and reports.

Furthermore, the Mountain View company Google has developed guidelines to create the Dataset search for the dataset providers to explain their data in a way that Google and other search engines can able to understand the content of their pages. Then Google collects and link information, analysis where various versions of the same datasets find and that maybe describing or discussing the dataset. That’s not all, the Dataset search will work in different languages with the support for additional languages very soon.

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