Google News Refreshed With Additional Features, grips a neat look

Google News desktop website has got a major refresh in its appearance. Google completely redesigned its theme which is now cluttered free. In these years Google did many face lifts to other old Apps, but Google news remained cluttery and outdated, Now Google news to get some noticeable changes overall.



Refreshed features


The moto of the new update is to make accessible to mainstream news consumers.Google news gets a card-based interface for news and separate tabs for various news feeds, local and main headlines with links to related coverage.The app also adopted a modern share option.other than that you won’t see any other major differences in the core. Actually, there will be more improvement on videos in Google News, which makes.




Google is also offering a fact-checking bar on the right side of Google News so users can get daily updates from sites like PolitFact and Snopes, and other features which Google added recent years remains in the same place.



Publishers Note


Publishers for google news wont face any difficulties in uploading their stories as the method of uploading remains the same as of its old version,so the only change will be faced by users online. The special importance given to video, will likely attract publishers to invest in that.


These changes are specifically for desktop version. But some elements have already entered mobile version of the service most importantly the card-based interface, Anyhow Google has finally redesigned its news service with lots of customization and refreshed theme.


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Source: Google

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