Google Patents Smart Ring That Let's You Take Selfies with Your Gestures

Google Patents Smart Ring That Let’s You Take Selfies with Your Gestures

The Mountain View giant. Google secured a patent for a smart ring that could let you capture selfies with gestures. If the said gadget becomes a reality you could leave your smartphone in the pocket and use the camera on the smart ring.

Google applied for the patent of the smart ring at USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) back in May 2019. And they got it published on November 10th of this year. The smart wearable comes with a camera on it which can protrude and tilt around according to the patent file.In addition the ring has an opening to fit around a finger, say for example the ring finger.

According to the files, it requires a secondary HUD (Heads Up Display) for transmitting and displaying the image onto a display. It houses the camera on one side and the input trigger on the other. As mentioned, it can be adjusted by title to wear it with comfort. The ring would be expandable as well to fit on fingers with various size.

Google Patents Smart Ring That Let's You Take Selfies with Your Gestures

At the moment it is unclear, about which control mechanism the company would employ to control the smart ring. It could either be a hard button or touch support surface. It would also have measures to avoid accidental touches. It could also be controlled via remote computing devices or be triggered with eye movements captured by a smart glass. The camera used might be a fixed or an auto-focus camera. The HUD unit could feed the visuals onto a live display. Here is a list of all the components it houses:

  1. A processor(to process, coordinate, transmit data)
  2. An input device(button/joystick/touch sensor/lever/dial)
  3. An optical sensor(Normal/autofocus camera- to capture images)
  4. Transmitter(Transmit the image to an external device- Wireless)
  5. Power Source(Optional- battery/fuel cells/ultra-capacitor)- to power processor, transmitter & autofocus camera.
  6. An indicator(light source/speaker/haptic feedback device)

Google Patents Smart Ring That Let's You Take Selfies with Your Gestures

Other hardware components include a processing unit with a CPU, RF circuitry(RF transceiver/DSP/SIM), I/O, Power. and a gyroscope or an accelerometers for vibration/shock impact. Regarding the connectivity options it will host wired, Wi-Fi, WiMax, Bluetooth, and NFC. Along with the smart ring we could see other accessories like a smart glass or a helmet headband that could act as a display unit.


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