Google Pixel Foldable Hinted by Patent

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The Mountain View giant Google is reportedly working on a foldable device, suggests patent. This makes sense if you consider the fact that how every OEM is busy making a foldable on its own. It is no doubt that foldable is the future and this is just the beginning.

According to the report, the company has filed a patent that showcases the design of the expected device. The paper was titled “Hinge Mechanism by Gear Set with Slider for Foldable Display Device” and was filed with the US Patent Office. It is unclear at the moment as to what the device could be, it could be either a smartphone, a tablet or even a notebook.

Google Pixel Foldable Hinted by Patent

In the patent, Google addresses the problems currently faced by the foldable and puts forward a solution. In the patent filing, the company talks about the hinge mechanism of the foldable and suggests that these devices “include a hinge assembly having a slider mechanism and a set of gears, the slider mechanism and the set of gears operate to transfer a rotational movement into a translational movement of one of a first housing or second housing.”

In other words, Google intends to transfer a rotational movement of the flexible device and support bends without any harm or damage. At the moment it is just a concept but we are sure that the Google engineering team is hard at work behind the scene. So we might just see a Pixel foldable device sometime in the future. Make sure to stay tuned to learn more about the developments as soon as the word is out.


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Written by Abin Benny


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