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Google Released Android O Beta Program @ Google I/O 2017

Google held their I/O 2017 event today in the US. There they announced various new implementations & new stuff. One of them are Android O. Well they did launched Android O developer preview back in March but that was just for those who are into this profession like reviewers and who  to test new features at the cost of stability and bug-free OS. But now they launched Android O’s Beta Program to expand the testing of the new version. So let’s have a detailed look at the new features & other information.



This Beta program is for those who want to tweak their OS accepting some bugs here & there. This Android O has some new features and other improvements compared to Android nougat as said by Google. Well before coming to what’s inside this Android O, let me tell you that this is the 1st Beta built & features will change in final stable built. New features will come as well as some features will be removed. So let’s have a look at the features of Android O..


1. Smart Text Selection:


In Android nougat & below, if we want to select any address, phone number, etc. on web to copy in clipboard we have to hold on any one word & then select whole address by moving the cursor. Then we have to copy & paste that particular thing to apps like Google Maps, dialler, etc. to get the task done. Now with Android O things will get easier, now if you double tap or hold on any address, phone number, etc. then it will cover the whole content & directly give option either to open Google Maps or dialler. Many third party developers will utilise this feature to work with their apps as well.

2. Notification Channels:



With this new feature users can categories the notification content. & They can also get those notification dots on the particular apps just like iOS. For example if you will get any Instagram notification then a dot will appear on the top corner of the app icon. Also if you hold on to the app icon then a preview of the notification content will appear. But there will be only dots & not the numbers of notifications, just like some third party OEM’s UI like Samsung. But at least Google is providing the notification dots which we all want from quite long time.


3. Autofill API:


Google also added this new Autofill API, with this feature if someone has logged in to Facebook on Chrome browser before, & then user will try to login into Facebook app, it will be automatically logged in. The credentials will be automatically & safely saved in this new API & will detect when you will try to login to some other app. This will apply to other apps like if someone will login into another browser then also it will login automatically. So this is also a new handy feature.


4. Picture-in-picture:



Now this feature is an improvement over the split screen multitasking feature of Android nougat. In this feature users can multitasking with the floating screen. Like if a user want to do a video chat on Skype & also do a calculation on Calculator app, then the user can minimise & make a floating window of the Skype chat & do the calculations, this will give more screen to the calculator & makes the task easier. This will not take much bigger screen & will perform the multi-window task as well.


5. Other Improvements:


There are other improvements as well to provide a better end-user experience. Like the battery life is claimed to be improved with Android O. Now the OS will detect & decide how much resources or power an app will use, this will improve performance also. This Android O comes with Project Treble which was announced few days back. So now this new version will come a bit faster to the non Google devices. Google also claims that the performance will also be improved like the app opening speed, boot time, etc.


So that’s all the information we have as of now. As we said earlier that these features might be removed in later Beta & final updates and also new features might add. If you have any of the eligible Google device & wants to try out this Android O Beta, then head over to this link & get enrolled into the Android O Beta Program. We will keep you updated for those changes. Stay tuned with us for more information.



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