Google released  Android Studio 3.0  with support for new languages and debugging tools
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Google released Android Studio 3.0 with support for new languages and debugging tools

The Mountain View company Google has released a new version of Android Studio i.e. 3.0 with extreme support to new languages and Debugging tools.



Google’s Android studio gets an update with biggest ever features added ad most importantly the support for Kotlin programming language. For those who are unaware of Kotlin, It is an interoperable with current Android  Languages and developers can use the language by all means to bring their apps of their creativity.



Google is making Kotlin easy to use into existing projects. It has included conversion tools to convert Java File into a Kotlin File and will also help other developers favorite features like code completion and syntax highlighting with Kotlin. Google is also adding several new features to make it easier to build and optimize your apps.



Google is now highlighting Android Instant Apps in the Play Store, and now it’s making it even easier for you to build your own app. It’s also rolling out Android Plugin for Gradle 3.0.0 to improve scalability and also giving out faster updates by utilizing its Maven Repository by default instead of the Android SDK Manager.


Google as also included support for OpenGL ES 3.0 in Android Emulator, which is an app bug reporter, proxy support in Android, and Android Emulator Quick Boot. Google has modified its Android Monitoring Tools to help developers debug performance. Each event is showcased in UI event time which keeps on tracking Activity changes, key presses and touch events.


To download Android Studio 3.0 click on the link and Google is also requesting feedback on Android studio and other bugs on its issue tracker.


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