Google Translate All Set To Improve Offline Translation


The Mountain View company Google, gives the best to improve its different products and services. Well, now it seems that Google is all set to improve its offline translation of the Google Translate and for this, the company uses on-device AI.

Google Translate App Supports Offline Translation And Conversion Modes For Many Regional Languages

To improve the service, the machine learning (part of Artificial Intelligence) will use to deliver the high-quality offline translations. And the tech, will not translate word by word, but, the neural system will translate the entire sentences at a time.

As I said that the new setup is for offline, which means there is no role of the Internet. And it will definitely help those who do lots of traveling. Because when he or she travels, there is no guarantee to get a stable internet connection, so at that point of time, they can able to translate any word or sentence easily even without the connectivity.

It is worth to mention that offline translation will work only if the user download the language pack and it is size around 35 to 40 MB each.