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Google turns reCAPTCHA invisible

Google introduced the reCAPTCHA technology was first introduced in 2014, to identify between the humans and bots on the web. Back in December, Google teased about the new technology of reCAPTCHA. And now the search engine giant made it invisible.



Take on the CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing tell Computers and Humans Apart), known as reCAPTCHA. Which people have to type or tick a box to make sure that you are not a bot, but this is going to be a history as Google make it invisible the system soon.



Google uses machine learning and advanced risk analysis, understands users behaviour without any dedicated interactions on the webpage. So, humans don’t need to authenticate by solving puzzle. However, if Google feels suspicious about you then you may have to solve certain puzzles of the search engine giant.


Google doesn’t revealed about the specific details behind the new technology, well that’s not a big surprise because it will bot makers to encounter the system.


So, let’s see how the new work out and as a user I really loved the move by Google. Share your thoughts about the new invisible reCAPTCHA in the comment section below.


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Source: Google

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