Google announces Google Go search app for entry-level devices

Google updates Gboard and private album limit in Google Photos

Google has updated its Gboard, very simple and powerful Keyboard which has now more than 500 language support which is higher than the initial values the company has arrived with. Google is constantly updating the Gboard application with a variety of functions and easy accessibility around the years.

Gboard beta Will Allow To Create GIF

Gboard Technical program manager has written in the blog”Many of Gboard’s newly added languages are traditionally not widely written, such as in newspapers or books, so they’re rarely found online. But as we spend more time on our phones on messaging apps and social media, people are now typing in these languages more than ever. The ability to easily type in these languages lets people communicate with others in the language they would normally speak face-to-face as well.”

Google Photos logo

Apart from the Gboard, Google has also increased the Private album images quantity to 20,000 images in its Google Photos application. The album is nothing but saving or gathering photos into different collection up to 20,000 photos.

Also, Google Lens would now recognize over a billion items which is tremendous when compared to its initial values during its launch. The OCR engine has been upgraded to identify vast items using neural networks and A.I software. Google has been constantly upgrading all its applications and services to make them the most popular user-friendly brand or service in a proper way as it should be.

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