Google will let you Know if Search Results are Unreliable

With the wider usage of the internet to find information and facts about different aspects of life, the authenticity and reliability of the information provided on the internet have come into the spotlight. As the worlds most used search engine, Google has decided to do something about this.

According to the reports, Google is planning to warn the users of the potential unreliability of the news by tagging the piece of information as new. This could help greatly as the fact-checking system fails to verify the news when breaking news pops up on the internet due to time constraints. Hence Google cannot verify or guarantee the authenticity of the search results.

To counter this, Google will show a warning which will follow an explanation saying that the topic you are searching for is new. This should keep the spread of misinformation until the fact-check algorithm takes its time to verify the reliability and accuracy of the news piece and its source.

With the help of deep learning, Google along with other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook is fighting the spread of fake news. This will help reduce the passing of fake news from one to another and create a caution among the social media users which would encourage them to not rely on the news and believe it blindly.

At present, when a user searches for a new term, and Google fails to fact check the news, it will show a prompt that the search results the user is seeking are fast evolving. This feature has been under the testing phase for a few weeks now. It usually pops up with a search query that is about developing stories and trending topics.


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Written by Abin Benny


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