Google’s Datally receives an important update to help you save your data

In this modern era of technology, using the Internet is more of a necessity and we all use the Internet as data packs on our Smartphones. Many times it happens with most of the people that they end up using more data than for what they have paid as data pack and hence end up paying more for that extra data used.

To solve this problem a bit Google came up with its own app named Datally which keeps a record of the data being used and apart from that lets the user save some amount of data with few techniques. According to Google, an average user saves about 21% of data after using Datally and with the recent update, they have included four new ways of saving data.

Guest mode

With this mode, you can setup the amount/limit of the data to be used if you have to give your smartphone to other people. Be it your friend, relative, kid, younger sibling, etc. This way they won’t be able to use your data more than the set limit.

Daily limit

With this, you will be able to set daily limits for your data pack and as soon as you reach near the limit, your phone would show you a warning, alerting you regarding the same.

Unused apps

Your smartphone may have a lot of apps which you do not use on a regular basis or at all. The fact that you do not use them doesn’t necessarily mean that they won’t be using your data. Some apps use your data even when they are not in use which results in extra usage of data. With Datally you can now track those apps and uninstall them to save your data.

Wi-Fi Map

This map basically shows you all the nearby Wifi’s to which you can connect and hence save your data.

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