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Google’s next experiment is with papers

Google has now come up with an experiment which combines paper craft and Google Assistant. The new project entitled as Paper signals allows you to control physical objects with the help of Google Assistant.

Before getting started you need a Paper Signals starter kit which includes an Adafruit board, all the cables you’ll need, and a micro servo motor that moves your paper objects around. Moreover, you would also need an  X-acto knife, glue, pencil, a ruler and Google Home or just in case if you don’t have one, your smartphone with Google Assistant.

Once you gather all your parts and supplies, you can then assemble the hardware. It’s as simple as plugging in a few different components. After they’re connected, download the required software and plug your device into the computer. At this point, you install your software and then print your template.

Printing, cutting, and assembling the templates looks pretty easy and fun to do. Currently, there are six activities supported. They range from an umbrella opening up to tell you when it is raining to an arrow that points up or down to indicate how Bitcoin is doing.

This cute mini project kind of thing is introduced by Google while keeping the kids in mind and it’s  open source as well.


Source: Google

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