Home Inventory Apps - How to Choose the Perfect one for You

Home Inventory Apps – How to Choose the Perfect one for You

Personal belongings are usually out of the realm of inventory management software. But lately, function inventory apps that fit seamlessly into mobile phones are becoming the trend. It is just a smart way of keeping your personal belongings in check. This article will talk about inventory apps and how to choose the best one that for you.

Why Install an Inventory App

There is a reason why inventory software systems have become a staple in almost any industry nowadays. And combining it with the mobility of smart devices, inventory apps may someday become a fixture in our everyday lives. Here are some of the reasons why one should install an inventory app:

  • Convenience – The reason inventory systems were automated in the first place was to go away from manual recording of inventory transactions. It takes too much time and effort to keep track of something that would have been so simple.
  • Security – While an inventory app to store belongings might not need a protocol sophisticated as those that jewelry shops use, there are other facets of security that needs to be considered. For instance privacy, since a personal inventory might not be something that you would want to share with the world.
  • Flexibility – Software nowadays are designed with scalability in mind and this includes inventory apps. This means that the same software that you use to organize your closet could be used for a large factory chain spanning multiple countries. The reason for this is because software is designed to be able to adapt to any working environment and take advantage of the capability it was installed in to.

App stores are flooded with many inventory systems but do not be fooled. While everything may look the same at first glance, they have their own unique touch to it that may push it just a bit ahead of everyone else. All the effort put into identifying the best inventory app for you will pay off knowing that this is the kind of app that you could be using every single day. The main things that you have to consider are the features that you would want to be in your inventory app and this can be obtained by knowing exactly how your want to use it. Below are some of the things that you might at first before choosing which inventory app you want to install.

What are its uses

A personal inventory app’s main purpose for most people is allowing them to organize their belongings in the most convenient way they can. They can integrate the app with how they are tagging or identifying each item and by knowing where exactly the item is stored. For instance, you might have an inventory system which has all the luxury items such as jewelry and such in the master bedroom or a listing of all the books in your personal library. In other words, the inventory app lets you categorize each item depending on where it will be normally stored and the kind of item it is.

Another use for an inventory app is to make sure that you have always have a copy of how much your stuff is worth. You would never know when you might have to sell off one of these items in case you need extra money or if you have to make room for new stuff. You might also want to keep this information handy for when you have to appraise the value of your home for declaring the price of your home when applying for insurance. An inventory app lets you organize all these things and, at the same time, keep important documents with you in a safe mode of storage.

When moving houses, it can be a pain to know exactly how much work you have to deal with. That and, of course, having to move. Having an inventory app handy lets you have a virtual checklist of all the stuff that you want to bring with you. And since an inventory app keeps them all organized, transferring them to boxes labeled for their destination can be easier. Once at the new home, putting everything into order should be a breeze.

Inventory apps usually have a feature that lets you keep digital copies of important documents relating your inventory items. These items include receipts and warranties among others. This makes it easier to someday claim your insurance payout.

Another aspect of insurance that can sometimes be difficult is knowing exactly how much of your properties are covered by it. An inventory app lets you identify the current status of your items to know how much you should pay for the coverage you need.

Lastly, a person’s net worth is one of the most basic questions that gets thrown around a lot these days. Though liquid assets, stocks and bonds are usually the basis for it, properties such as clothing and furniture should still be accounted as they have value that may significantly increase your net worth.

What are its features

Many inventory apps these days offer free versions that limits its capabilities but is still usable for up to a limited number of items. You have to suffer through all the ads in using it however. It is a good way to assess the capabilities of the app without having to pay a single cent to it. And should you find the app satisfactory for your need, they will usually have an option for you to upgrade your app to a paid version and seamlessly continue using it.

One of the reasons why there is a need to use inventory apps is to make sure that you have a reliable back up for your data. Using an app means having all your inventory information securely stored in the cloud where you can access it anytime as long as you have an internet connection.

Other features include sorting inventory items for reports and keeping pictures of items as a reference.

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