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How Does SEO Apply to YouTube, Airbnb & Social Media?

Businesses are still working on new ways to make their search engine optimization more stable and to increase traffic. This includes optimization not just on search engine platforms themselves, but also on social media platforms as well as video channels such as YouTube where keyword searches are sent through an algorithm to determine which company or website will appear at the top of the search request.

Many see search engine optimization as getting to the top of Google, Yahoo, or Bing. However, if you start to narrow down how you optimize for different platforms, you will start to realize that SEO comes in many different forms.

For example, YouTube has its own search engine algorithm with a search bar included. On top of this, it is also a multi-language platform. Therefore, you have languages such as French in which people will search for phrases such as acheter des vues sur youtube when searching for ways to get more views to their video and drive traffic. This is basically for those looking to purchase views.

You would need to make sure that you produce a video in French, and all the optimization around that video is also in French if the video is to stand any chance of ranking highly on YouTube.


Narrowing Down Optimization Tasks

Let’s say you are listing a property on Airbnb’s website. When someone searches for criteria using filters, Airbnb then adds a list of holiday homes in a particular order. The last thing you want is for your property to appear on page 5 around 50 properties away from the user that made the search.

You would need to figure out Airbnb’s search engine algorithm to avoid being so low in the pecking order. This requires some research on your behalf as well as making sure you have all the right boxes ticked. If your property has a cooker, then this box should be ticked. If there is a swimming pool that people can use, then this box should be ticked, and so on.


Reviews will be another important ranking factor on the website

Now take the example of Airbnb and apply the same principles to the Google search engine, Facebook’s search engine, and YouTube’s search engine. Social media Likes, YouTube views, followers, and subscribers will all play a role in helping the algorithm for each platform decide to choose your company or your YouTube channel or video to rank higher than your competition.

As a result, you need to narrow down the tasks you must carry out in order to make sure every area of optimization that you can possibly configure has been optimized. Every platform has an algorithm that decides which order a search will bring up your offering.

YouTube is complex so far as being able to configure videos and channels to appear under certain filtering criteria, plus the fact there are deceptions, likes, YouTube views, and subscribers that all contribute as ranking factors in its algorithm, but it is much clearer than figuring out how the SEO works on sites such as Facebook.

It is down to how well you can research and trial and error different ideas before becoming an expert SEO on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or even Airbnb!

However, if you do become an expert on any one of these platforms, then you will have a skill that not many others out there have. In essence, this is similar to the field of IT in which people specialize in a particular system rather than learn about every system, and in general, specialists tend to get paid more than those with a general or broader but an in-depth knowledge of multiple systems.

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