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How eCommerce Startups Can Improve Sales on Amazon?

Amazon is a multinational e-commerce company. Amazon is the largest online market in the world (growing in a very short time in Spain) and with the largest number of bidders. It is the perfect platform to acquire almost any product (whether original, resale or used) but the competition is even greater. So, getting a good position in your search depends on you and your skills to sell and also you can learn how to start an ecommerce business at Amazon.

eCommerce Tips to Improve Sales

Once you have finished creating an account as a seller it is time to put your products on the platform. According to the type of account you will select, it will be your chances of selling one or several products simultaneously.

The biggest question arises for startups is how to sell products on Amazon.

  1. Product, market analysis and price strategy

Amazon has such an enormous volume of business, it sells so many categories and products that, if we make an analysis too simplistic, we can think that everyone can sell there. The recommendation is that you do not start from that premise without doing a preliminary analysis to avoid serious problems later on.

It is always emphasized that Amazon is not for everyone. It will interest you if:

  • You have a good margin
  • Your product is of low competition
  • You do not have your own e-commerce
  1. Get better your SEO for the increase of sale

You must export the ones you find most appropriate and import them into Google Keyword Planner Tool. Where you can measure the search volume of these keywords.

  1. Get reviews on your products

In the Amazon search engine, user satisfaction is taken into account. It is proven that a product with positive opinions increases the confidence of the buyer. If a product has a negative rating, it will lower the ranking. Also check out 21bet.

  1. Marketing outside of Amazon

Although e-mail communications and direct calls to action that alienate people from Amazon are prohibited. This does not mean that you cannot market people in your Amazon store. Well, you can definitely go for channels like paid marketing for android games apps, social apps, and mobile marketing in general. You can use writing articles and blogs are an excellent way to achieve this.

This also funding exposure to your linked products that can also be seen on the web page. In this means, it permits clientele to see their other recommend at a glance and maybe attract them to purchase one of their full price items.

  1. Internationalization of your brand

Amazon is present in many countries, you can make people from other parts of the world buy your products and thus multiply your sales. For example, if you create an account in Spain, you can sell in the 5 European platforms (,,, Amazon. it and and thus reach a lot more people.

  1. Choose the sales regime

Now that you are clear that you can compete in Amazon you will have to make the next important decision. There is no single mode of the sale so you must know them all with their advantages and disadvantages before launching.

You can choose between Seller Marketplace and Seller Retail.

  1. Upload your listings or products

I am sorry to have to use the word listing but it is the term that Amazon uses so we will understand each other better.

Obviously, when you choose the sale regime and create your account, the next step is to upload the catalog. To do this you have to resort to Amazon Seller central and follow the necessary steps. This is the interface aspect.

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