How to Add Comments to a PDF Online?

How to Add Comments to a PDF Online?

As useful as PDFs are, they can be even more useful when their full functionality is used. Although PDFs can be edited and changed and premade fillable online PDF forms exist, there are times when they need to be changed or have suggestions made to them. This is when it is important to know and understand how to markup or comment on a PDF document. The reason for this is that it helps multiple parties to be able to see potential changes in the document, the parties being the original author and the reader. There are multiple ways to add comments to a PDF file and here we will go through some of them and how best to use them in an online PDF editor. Being able to show these changes will go a long way to improving your document and the final result of the document’s purpose.

Highlight, strikethrough, or underline text online

To highlight, strikethrough, or underline a text in a PDF file, you must first select tools and then choose the option to highlight and from there choose the tool you want for the selected texts. This is easily changed later if the author changes their mind. So all you need to do to mark up your text is to highlight (click and drag over the desired text so that it can be selected) and use the tool, simple as that. When commenting or editing any text, double-check to make sure it is indeed what you need to edit. Being able to underline or strikethrough text in a PDF file is great since it can give some extra information such as what was removed or what needs emphasis. The ability to mark up documents is essential for remote work and spares a lot of time that might be otherwise used explaining the changes.

Replace text online

There is a simple way to replace texts in a PDF editor online and that is first to select edit and then find. Alternatively, you can click ctrl+f, but either way, you can use this to find the selected text that needs to be replaced in the PDF file. After this, you must then enter the text (for example 123) and then hit the replace button and just type in what you want to replace 123 within this example and it will be done and that will be all. If you want to replace every example of this word though, that is also possible. For instance, if the name of a product needs to be changed then it is also possible by selecting find and then replace all and you can then choose the new name of the product after entering the old name and selecting replace all to replace all words of that type with the new word. This is a very useful tool since it can quickly make a series of large changes to a PDF document.

Delete text online

Similar to the process of replacing text, it is just as simple or even more so to simply remove text from an online PDF document. Use the edit PDF tool to search for the text that needs to be removed, highlight this text and choose to delete it. The rest will be taken care of by the PDF editor in terms of page organization. Although many online PDF editors are different and have different tools and interfaces, they generally have similar tools in place for basic functions such as the ability to delete or replace text but they sometimes have different annotators in terms of making comments on documents.

Add a sticky note online 

Why are sticky notes useful? Sticky notes are comments added to a PDF text through an annotator accessible in the PDF. The annotated PDF will from then on have the saved comment and you or others will be able to access or edit it depending on the level of protection given to the document by the creator. How can we make, edit and maybe remove sticky notes? Here is how!

To add a sticky note to a PDF document online you need to follow a few easy steps. The first thing to do is identify the area where the markup needs to occur. Then all you have to do is right-click and select add sticky-note and then add the text you want for the sticky note. When the PDF annotator is open you will have the option for creating a headline and the text within the note that will make it easier for people to understand the need for it. 

Edit a sticky note comment online

To edit a sticky note in a PDF editor, all that needs to be done is to double-click the note and change the text. Some advice here is to be careful, although the sticky note can be changed it is always important to save your document or you may lose your changes. Editing a sticky note is simple but can be different in different editors.

Delete a sticky note online

Before deleting a sticky note, always double-check to make sure it is the right note and does indeed need to be deleted since after the note has been deleted and the PDF saved, then the note and all the subsequent text will be lost. As for the process of deleting a sticky note, it is very simple. All that needs to be done is to select the sticky note and press the delete key.

Add a text box online

A text box is slightly different from a sticky note in that it stays continuously on the page and can be set anywhere on the document and not just the text.  To make a text box, first, select the add text box command then draw a square or rectangle on the page and from there you can begin to enter the text needed for the text box. The text box will maintain its shape and the words will wrap according to the size of the box made.

There are many ways of adding comments, highlights, and changes to an annotated PDF. Being able to use these tools and annotate a PDF will provide additional information and clarity to the other people who interact with the text if done correctly.



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