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How To Block Ads On OnePlus 6T

The advertisements are always irritating and if we browse anything very urgently the pop-up ads and others feels really annoying. Well, if you are the one who thinks like me and wants to block all kinds of ads, and you can do this with a very easy trick on the latest and awesome OnePlus 6T.

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You can block all advertisements with the help of newly added feature called Private DNS and the feature is added in the latest version of Android and that is Android 9.0. The Mountain View company Google made this feature to give strong security to the users, as Android does not have the option for global setting and users have to change a server which they have to do it on a par network basis while using static IP address. So, with the Private DNS feature you can able to change the DNS which is used across various applications and networks.

How to block ads on your OnePlus 6T

1. Head to the Settings
2. Open Wifi & Internet
3. Tap on Private DNS
4. Now a pop-up will open, then select Private DNS provider hostname.
5. Enter “”

That’s it, now you can browse across the internet without any advertisements on your device. So, grab your phone and do the above mentioned steps and stay free from annoying ads.

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