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How to check hidden last seen on WhatsApp

Many users hide their
last seen activity on WhatsApp due to privacy, but sometimes you desperately
want to check last seen of your someone. Here’s my guide to check hidden last
seen on WhatsApp.
Follow the steps to check hidden last seen on
Install an
app called ‘WhatsDog’ from Play
Open ‘WhatsDog’ and tap on the start button.
Now enter
the number or choose from contact.
Now wait,
once the person comes online ‘WhatsDog
will give you notification.
You can
see all activities like when he/she comes online and goes offline, you can also
use the calendar to track them down.
With ‘WhatsDog’ you can check how much of time
he/she using WhatsApp.
To add or
change number, go to settings and select ‘Delete

Note: WhatsDog’ is available only on Google Play Store
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