How to Choose Regression Testing Services?

How to Choose Regression Testing Services?

As every piece of software undergoes regular updates and patches, it is important to make sure that new pieces of code won’t mingle with other program blocks. This is where regression testing takes the spotlight. This type of testing is an important part of quality assurance. Those developers who choose to outsource QA services need to make sure that a testing company can perform all types of testing with the highest quality. In this article, specialists from ZappleTech will give some advice on how to choose a testing service with reliable regression testing practice. To find out more, check out their website.

What Is Regression Testing?

Regression testing is carried out to find reoccurring and new bugs in previously tested modules of the program after fixes and updates. Its goal is to ensure that a program’s work will remain stable after changes to the code. It involves checking if bugs that had been found and fixed earlier do not pop up again, testing the performance of core functionality after adding new modules, and looking for old bugs in the new program builds. Regression testing also involves repeating all the test cases that were performed for older versions disregarding their previous results.

This testing is carried out multiple times after implementing changes to the code and requires intensive use of automation for time economy. ZappleTech has 7 years of experience and over 30 successful cases of outsourcing testing automation. Find out more by clicking on

How to Choose QA Service Company?

A bad QA process can result in a raw product on the launch, delays, and reputational losses. Finding a testing company with expertise and well-organized testing processes will guarantee smooth and effective testing. Here are the things to look at when choosing the right partner.

Expertise in your field

Search for companies with successful regression testing cases on your market. They are already familiar with the features of the software in this field and will be able to offer solutions and opportunities you could have missed. Also, look for experience with the type of software you have — apps, websites, installable programs, and so on.

Look at reviews

See what other clients of a company have to say. Look specifically for the reviews of regression testing quality. This will help you build a comparison table of the strong and weak points of every company you are considering.

Communication and onboarding

You’ll need to communicate a lot with an outsource QA company, so check the location of their offices. Make sure they are in a time zone that suits you. Look for companies that send detailed briefs and establish regular meeting schedules. They are the ones that get involved in customer businesses.

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