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How to Convert all types of files with File Converter

It is very likely that if we review the applications installed on our computer, we find, at least, an application that allows us to convert a certain type of files to another. If we are music lovers we surely have an audio file converter, while if we are fans of cinema or photography, we have surely needed more than one occasion to convert a video or image to different formats.

Therefore, something that is not usually missing from a PC is some application that allows us to convert certain types of files to a different type. Even in many cases, it is likely that many users have more than one program of this type installed on their computers. However, we will show below a tool that allows converting all types of files so that the same application covers all our needs.

convert files

The program in question is called File Converter and is a free program that offers the possibility of converting files of all kinds from the context menu itself in the Windows file browser. It supports the conversion of audio, video, documents or images, although to convert documents it is essential to have Microsoft Office installed on the computer.

Therefore, having File Converter installed on the PC, we will be able to perform a lot of file conversions from the context menu itself in the Windows file explorer. Along with the great compatibility of a large number of file types, File Converter also offers the option of being able to compress all these file formats.

convert file types

To have this tool on your computer, we just have to go to the official File Converter page, download the application from and proceed with its installation. Once this is done, it is now possible to convert all types of files from the system file browser by selecting the file in question and clicking the right mouse button, choosing the File Converter option from the context menu and choosing the type of file. the conversion that we want to make.

Convert all types of files

Besides the simple fact of converting a file into another format, it offers the possibility in some cases to reduce its size or quality, rotates in both directions, etc. From the configuration of File Converter, it is possible to indicate everything that we want to make at the moment of the conversion in a fast and simple way.

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