How to Fix Common Battery Drain Issue on Your Smartphone
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How to Fix Common Battery Drain Issue on Your Smartphone?

No matter how much power smartphones pack today, battery anxiety isn’t uncommon on smartphones. People own flagship mobiles with battery up to 6000 mAh; however, is it going to be enough for today’s consumers? With battery replacement services available nationwide, the problem is definitely not here to stay.

For some individuals, it is the universal truth of the smartphone age we live in. They believe that it is here to stay. With some handy tips and tricks, it is possible to fix common battery drain issues.

#1. Never Use Battery Saver Apps

On your way to find ways to save battery on your smartphone, digging into the Google Play Store for battery saver apps isn’t to your surprise. There are hundreds of such apps that claim to fix the battery drain issue.

How do you think such an app work? The truth is that they don’t work. Besides, you will have one more app running in the background to consume your smartphone’s battery. Never get allured by an app that claims to save battery.

#2. Turn Off Mobile Data when not required

If battery life is a big issue and you travel within areas with spotty coverage, try to disable Mobile Data entirely. With Continuous network fluctuations, your smartphones keeps searching for network and the Internet too. This directly affects the battery of your phone and results in low juice in a few hours. 

With Mobile Data disable, you’ll be able to do the main things like receive texts and make phone calls while you save a lot of battery. Remember – worse the coverage, the faster your battery drains.

#3. Check on Social Media apps

You must have received one or more notifications that say this particular app is draining battery. Well, not all apps are created equal, and you won’t find any better examples of this than Facebook. Many regard Facebook for Android as horrible. 

There are many other such apps like WhatsApp and multiple other social media apps that keep checking for new feeds and activities and therefore eating up the power. The only way to stop Facebook from always checking for notifications and eating battery is logging out.

#4. Control the brightness

Today, smartphones feature AMOLED and Super AMOLED displays with great brightness levels and colors, which provide you with immersive experience watching videos on the go. If you don’t know, every single pixel of such a display lights up to enhances your experience and therefore significantly eats up the battery.

The best way to reduce battery consumption is to switch to the Dark Mode on your phone. Alternatively, go to the Settings app and look closer at the Brightness setting on your device. Even though the displays built into our devices are amazing, they can still get really, really bright. The brighter the display, the faster your battery will drain.

Set your device’s Brightness slider at the middle – it will be fine in most circumstances and can cut down on eye strain in low light environments.

#5. Turn off the GPS

The Google/Apple Maps installed on your smartphone runs GPS and rapidly drains the battery. Using GPS may be a requirement for you but you can’t be using it all day. Therefore, if you are no longer travelling and still have GPS turned ON, you must trun it OFF right away. In order to do this, simply swipe down the notification panel on your smartphone and tap on the GPS/Location icon to turn it off.


The issue of battery drain is quite common these days. Some old smartphones have these issue and require battery replacement. On the other hand, some smartphones require software update to get it fixed. In the meantime, make sure to check out these quick tips to avoid battery drain issue.

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