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How To Fix Download Error Of Play Store

The Google Play Store is the most important application for all the Android users, it opens the gate for millions of applications to experience and enjoy on our devices. Google Play Store allows us to explore and download the new applications which we never heard and imagined. The company also improve the performance as well as the user interface of the Play Store to give the maximum satisfaction and easy to access setup to all the users. However, sometimes users face the download error or pending issue in the Google Play Store and if you want to solve that then this article is meant for you. In this article, I will guide you the way to fix this issue.

Always check My Apps & Games

One of the main reason for the issue is simply that there are applications which update automatically at the same time. Which means when you connect to the internet and get ready to download any application, at that time other installed applications start to get updated, this will restrict you to download a new application. So, you need to stop the updates which are happening behind the scene. To stop the process you need to go to the menu of the Google Play Store and tap on ‘my apps and games’ section and then tap the stop button at the top right side of the application list.

Check connectivity

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Connectivity is the most important factor for any purpose on the Internet and if you facing the download issue on the Google Play Store then check the connectivity on your computer and test the internet speed. If the speed is OK but you are facing the same issue on the Google Play Store then you need to restart the modem or simply switch to mobile data temporarily.

Keep an eye on storage

If your device does not have enough storage space, then you may face some issues in downloading the application from the Google Play Store. So, always keep an eye on your storage departmental and make some space for new applications on your device.

Restart the device

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You may think it is a silly step, but it is an effective process in many ways, restarting the device will solve many issues, especially the heat and the slowing down. If your internet connectivity is ok and storage is enough, then restart the smartphone and it will solve many things which are happening behind our eyes. It will also boost the speed of your device.

Clear caches

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Just like the computer, smartphones are also stored caches and data on the board and if you are continuously facing the download error in the Google Play Store then you must need to clear all the caches and data from the device. To do so you need to open the settings app of the device and find the Google Play Store in the applications section and then you can easily clear the complete cache and the data from your device.

So, these are the best steps to solve the issue and if you find any kind of problem then don’t hesitate to share in the comments section below and I will be happy to help you.

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