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How To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

These days the hard disk in the computers are coming with the huge amount of storage space, but somehow it fills the space very quickly and it creates irritation and slows down the computer. Thanks to developers of Windows, as they provided tools within the software to clean and free-up the hard disk space of the windows computers.

So, if you are a person who suffers from the overloaded hard disk, then this article is for you. As I will guide you the easiest and fastest ways to free up the hard disk space on Windows. Let’s dive into the article to know all the ways, and make your system hassles.

Uninstall Space Eating Apps

How To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

By uninstalling unwanted applications or software especially which consumes huge space, you will get more space on the hard disk. You can do this by heading to the control panel and select Programs, here you can click the size column to see which application or software is consuming the most amount of space. And if it is not useful or if that particular program is not using on the daily basis, then uninstall it and get more space and also you will feel that your system got improvement in speed.

If you’re the user of the Windows 10, then you can open the new Settings of the computer and go to System -> Apps & features.

Clear Temporary Files

How To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

Temporary files are another item which consumes huge space of the hard disk and slows down the system. If you use the computer daily then there will be a huge amount of temporary files in your system, so it is very important that you should clear temporary files at least twice in a week. You can delete the temporary files by holding down the Windows key + R and then type ‘Temp’ it will bring all the temporary files in front of you and just delete it.

Disk Cleanup

How To Free Up Hard Disk Space On Windows

This is the built-in tool which allows you to delete unwanted and unimportant files or data from your computer and this way you will get more space on the hard disk as well as more speed. You can access the tool by right-clicking on the drive which you want to clean up and select Properties. Now click on the ‘Disk cleanup’ option, select the file types which you want to delete and click ‘OK’. The disk cleanup will include temporary files, log files, files which is in the recycle bin, and other unimportant ones.

So, these are the easiest and fastest way to get more space on the hard disk and these tricks will increase the speed of the system. If you find any doubts or any kind of help then don’t hesitate to drop in the comment section below, we will be happy to help you. And you can check out our ‘Guides‘ for more helpful articles.

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