How to Get the Most Out of Siri

You’re pretty happy with your new iPhone because of all of its great features and functionality. But if you want to use your iPhone to the fullest capacity, you’re going to want to know how to get the most out of Siri. Siri is one of the best features of the iPhone and has had a huge impact on technology.

Here is a list of Siri hacks to get you started with your new personal assistant:

Activate Siri

Hold the home button down to call Siri, or if you have a newer device, simply say “Hey Siri” to get her attention. Or, any iPhone repair technician can help avoid this hassle.

Use Siri for Voice Dictation

Siri is quite adept at voice dictation. You can say something like “Hey Siri, email Chris, subject what’s going on with the project body do you have a status update?” You don’t have to use your hands at all to write an email, but you can also use this function anytime you tap the microphone button. Siri can take dictation in almost any iPhone app.

Use Siri to Work With Apps

Siri doesn’t just work with Apple apps anymore. She will interact with many third-party apps and more apps are added all the time. You can ask her “Show me cooking pins in Pinterest” or “Tell John I can’t make it to the get-together tonight” in WhatsApp.

Change Siri’s Voice

You can switch Siri’s voice from female to male and change her accent to British or Australian. To do this tap settings, head to Siri & Search and select Siri voice to change her accent or gender.

Convert with Siri

You can convert measurements and currency with Siri. Just ask her.

Get Siri to Pronounce Your Name Right

If Siri isn’t pronouncing your name correctly, correct her by telling her “That’s not how you say that.”

Give Contacts Nicknames

Nicknames are fun, but they can also come in handy when it comes to productivity. You can nickname your boss in your contacts and use this for work. Siri will “Call boss” or “Email boss.”

To do this, head to your Contacts, go to the contact you’d like to nickname, click Edit, and tap Add Field, choose Nickname. Then put in the nickname you’d like to give the contact.

Laugh it Up With Siri

You can ask Siri random questions when you are bored and you might find she’s quite the comedian. Think of a strange question and see how she responds. An especially funny request is “sing a song.”

Find Out How Many Calories are in Your Food with Siri

Siri can tell you how many calories in that yogurt you are eating. For things like a slice of pizza, you won’t get an exact amount. The calorie count depends on the size of the slice and if there are toppings. But you can get a good general idea.

Find Out What is Playing

Siri is connected to Shazam and can recognize music by listening. Just ask “what song is playing.” Siri is also a good saleswoman – she’ll give you the option to buy the song via iTunes.

Access App Settings

You probably knew that Siri can launch an app by saying “open app name.” But she can also open your iPhone’s settings by saying “Open Settings.” You can also configure individual apps. Say “Open app name Settings” and she will tell you what types of changes you can make to that app. Say you open Music Settings – you can turn off Shake to Shuffle or adjust the EQ.

Turn Bluetooth Off

It’s irritating to go into settings to turn Bluetooth off when you want to save battery juice. Just ask Siri to do it.

Change Reminders

You can change the time, day and content of a reminder. If Siri has gotten information wrong on your reminder, just say “Change the reminder to” or “Change the time to” to change parts of your iPhone reminder.

Take a Gamble with Siri

Feeling like Two-Face from Batman series? You can flip a coin. Just ask. You can also tell Siri to roll dice. She will give you the results of two dice being rolled.

Ask Siri What Airplanes Are in Your Area

You can ask Siri about airplanes flying above you. She can tell you which airplanes are in your area.

Now that you have some information on how to use Siri to the best of her ability, go out and have fun with her! Siri is a great assistant and can help you in your daily life.

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